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    Re: Mini radios for football

    It's on a time delay via regular radio stations. The "at the stadium" radios pick up the broadcast as it happens and there is no delay. Personally, I don't know how people hear on them with the PA...
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    Re: Cop punching tazed guy in Wal-mart

    Both officers need to lose their jobs. One for the blatant excessive force and the other for not stopping it. Regardless of what the guy did before the video started, he wasn't exactly putting up a...
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    Re: Who are black leaders, IMO

    There are many leaders, white, black purple, orange...I think you are asking about black leaders leading in a POSITIVE direction. Remember, Jim Jones "led".
  4. Re: Hunters snag a 1,011 lb gator in Thomaston, AL

    I've heard about some of the gators up in Decatur.

    Mind you, don't know if everyone is aware that to take these animals they had to collect the animal (attach it to the boat I believe) before...
  5. Re: Power and water shut off, Huskers' Bell paid bills with bartender gig

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's "not mandatory" but you know you better be there if you wanna see the field. Kind of like those "voluntary" summer workouts we had in HS.
  6. Link: Re: Oklahoma Teacher Shows Up to Work Drunk and Pantsless

    I bet she's in the teacher union and keeps her job.
  7. Link: Re: Charlie Strong removes Longhorn logo from helmets

    Actually, they just haven't put the stripe and numbers on the helmets yet. They stay off during preseason practices.
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    Link: Re: Beautiful story about chocolate...

    Saw this on something the other day and was just amazed. Really good stuff.
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    Re: Vote for SEC ESPN logo

    are those not recycled ESPNU logos?
  10. Re: Dee Milliner thinks he's a pretty good CB...

    Anybody ever met a cornerback worth a durn that wasn't the least bit cocky?
  11. Re: The new dust bowl? Drought Apocalypse approaches as CO River Basin dries up

    Trying to irrigate the desert. What do you expect?
  12. Re: AL Man Goes in for Circumcision & Wakes to Find Penis Amputated

    Wouldn't someone have to sign some papers allowing for the amputation though? Seems like they'd keep him sedated and go ask the wife to sign off on it based on the situation, not just remove his...
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    Re: I got good news about my new job

    How bout if you are just named Art Vandalay?
  14. Re: HMmmm, I wonder What TJ is Focusing On...

    Last year he looked like he had tree trunks for legs and a small upper body.
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    Re: Beggars on the corner

    There used to be a guy in Birmingham that would stand where 31 South dumped onto University Blvd. I think the news media interviewed him and found out he made like $85,000/year. Needless to say,...
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