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  1. Re: Many of things get solved 'round the dinner table in the south. LOL!

    It's not really about wanting someone unattainable; it's about rejecting everyone before they reject her.

    If you know you're ugly inside and out, and don't respect yourself, you naturally assume...
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    Re: somewhat crappy news

    Well, 92, if there's a spot inside your head to get a mass, back there in the back is about as good as it can get. Still, I know you're likely a bit freaked out by the whole process of someone...
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    Re: The real down side of the Iron Bowl

    I missed everyone! I've been scarce myself.

    Why? Did you get a time out? You know you probably deserved it. ;)
  4. Re: Robin Williams found dead in his Tiburon Cal. home

    It was certainly one more strike against him. Parkinson's is a tragic condition that eventually steals away not only your physical ease of movement, but also your mind as the dementia moves in.

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    Re: The real down side of the Iron Bowl

    You should've said earlier that you had "been inside the vault," so to speak.

    Dude. This has zero to do with team allegiance.

    She doesn't like you because of how the "friends with benefits"...
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    Re: The real down side of the Iron Bowl

    People who walk around angry and resentful over a game or rivalry are just using that as an excuse for the true reasons they are angry and resentful.

    Not quite sure why you would want to restore...
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    Link: Re: I think Riz has been located.

    That's just...disturbing.

    "It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again" comes to mind. <shiver>
  8. Re: Robin Williams found dead in his Tiburon Cal. home

    Obviously, I deal with mental illness day in and day out in my professional life. I also grew up in a household shaped by my mother's mental illness (and comorbid personality disorder, just to make...
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    Re: Jameis Winston Questions On Twitter

    I'm still chuckling over the one about Publix's security. :biggrin2:
  10. Re: and the beat goes on - jawjuh's annual pool party

    I like the comment about one of them diving wearing a life vest.

    Good Lord, have mercy! :rolleyes:
  11. Re: Ex-Auburn TE Phillip Lutzenkirchen Died in Car Crash

    All BAC's are not created equal. Physical size, hepatic metabolism, and overall tolerance to alcohol can make a big difference between one person's BAC of 0.3 and another person's BAC of 0.3. ...
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    Re: GREAT Article on Courtney Upshaw

    Thanks for this article. It's nice to know Courtney is thought of so well by his teammates and coaches. I love that kind of work ethic and intelligence.
  13. Re: Kevin Norwood Has Bone Spur Surgery. Will Miss All Of The Pre-Season.

    Well, that sucks! I love me some Kevin Norwood and will be happy to watch him play on Sundays once he's all healed up.
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    Re: Bama Chrome

    What a cool thing you did for your boy. Good on you!
  15. Thread: Wife Zone

    by SavannahDare

    Funny: Re: Wife Zone

    Alive and well, even if I have a hard time getting on here regularly nowadays.
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