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    Re: Can Charlie Strong save his job?

    It's surprising the Texas had that many spots to fill at this point.
    You can only imagine what would be said if CNS added 3 or 4 players at this time of the year
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    Re: the land of the free

    Born and raised in PCB, FL. In my early 20's, some friends and I were coming home from Chicago and stopped for the night in some KY city off the interstate. While my buddy was pumping gas, I went in...
  3. Re: Baylor needs to hire some good lawyers (Update: Briles Fired, AD and Starr Resign

    They may have pretty limited options, if released. Can't imagine too many top tier schools have scholarships sitting empty right now.
  4. Link: Re: Alabama's Part-Time Pass Rushers are Ready for Full-Time Production

    those two are going to wreck some OC's career
  5. Thread: UAB RB shot

    by Tug Tide

    UAB RB shot

    Former ND RB, now UAB signee Greg Bryant was shot in the head yesterday. Doctors have now declared him brain dead.
    Sad world we are living in.
  6. Re: Lane Kiffin Went Recruiting Today and Wants Us All to Know His Location

    I believe if Coach was upset about the TN tweet getting attention, then the AU one wouldn't have happened
  7. Link: Re: Former Maryland OC Mike Locksley Joins Bama Staff as Offensive Analyst

    Was he not retained by the new head coach there?
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    Re: Defense wins champioships except in B1G

    As an Alabama football fan, I agree that defense wins championships. Even considering the points/yards given up to Clemson, Bama isn't playing in that game if not for a salty defense.
  9. Re: Is there a chance that Jacob Coker could be drafted?

    I would be floored if an NFL team didn't have a representative of some sort at Alabama's Pro Day
  10. Re: UT Offers 20 High Schoolers (From Same School!)

    Butch and UT are desperate for some other press lately
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    Re: Penn State recruiting and the fallout.

    The City of Panama Coty Beach runs 3 background checks on me a year in order to coach youth baseball, soccer and then basketball.
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    Re: Did you go to the championship game?

    That is an awesome website, I know several teachers who have really been fortunate to get funding through it.
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    Re: 2016 Senior Bowl Thread

    Always a great move for coach to be there to support his players. Probably doesn't hurt that he has a chance to whisper in the ear of coaches and GMs
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    Re: Kirby, thanks for the memories

    I agree on that. I was hoping to see some footage of him and CNS. You know at some point those two had an emotional moment.
  15. Question: Re: Which Juniors will leave early for the NFL?

    Remember after the recent changes to the grading system. They only use "1st Rd potential, 2nd Rd potential, or neither"
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