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  1. Re: 2015 Commits Get custom prints for The Opening

    Barnett's looks good. The rest look forced.
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    Link: Re: Julio's little shack in Georgia

    I'd settle for a shack.
  3. Re: Tray Matthews Dismissed from Georgia

  4. Re: Nick Saban Goes TubingWwith Alabama Players (Video)

    Wasn't there some article/discussion that the coaches felt they didn't connect with the newer players last year? That they didn't really know the players outside of football?
  5. Re: Scarbinsky: Even a blind squirrel would be nuts not to pick Auburn to win the SEC

    I'm all for Auburn being ranked #1 to start the season and picked to the win the SEC. Much further to fall that way.
  6. Re: Tray Matthews Dismissed from Georgia

    Of course he's considering Auburn...
  7. Re: Some of the worst helmet designs I have ever seen

    Kentucky's helmet looked good. Florida's and USCe's helmets were ok. Sticking a huge logo on the side just doesn't work. Simple is better.
  8. Re: LSU signee Malachi Dupre: Alabama's Tony Brown and Marlon Humphrey 'can't shut me

    Even if true, too bad the tigers don't have a QB to get the ball to him.
  9. Re: Jameis Winston arrested for shoplifting crab legs at Publix
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    Link: Re: Tennessee a Toxic Program

    Do you really think Martin is that good? He had a good run in the tourney this year but that's about it for his UT career. I would have let him go too rather than given him a raise ala Auburn and...
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    Re: Mizzou suspends DGB

    He'll be at Auburn the season after next...a changed person no doubt.
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    Re: First scrimmage in the books

    Saw several posts on other boards that EJ was in great pain and MRI will likely reveal a tear.
  13. Re: UGA's Newest Recruiting Tactic: Drawn Portraits of the Recruit

    Surely that's not permissible.
  14. Re: HBO RealSports Investigates for 6 Months on Education of Athletes

    An example of a UNC athlete's paper from the ESPN story:

    The athlete received an A- for the "paper."
  15. Re: HBO RealSports Investigates for 6 Months on Education of Athletes

    I disagree. It's not determined by the character and integrity of the school or the coaching staff but by the character and integrity of the individual/athlete. The education is there at almost all...
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