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    Re: ***Devin Asiasi announcement thread (Wed, 2PM CT)

    Despite being very athletic and having a lot of ability as a DE, he REALLY wants to play TE. Big guy, soft hands, good route runner. Would be an excellent TE or DE.
  2. Re: Yahoo! Sports: NCAA formally charges Mississippi with rules violations

    My only surprise is that Ole Miss wasn't charged earlier than now. I'd heard that Ohio State and Michigan had both been aware of Ole Miss's "tactics" and were pretty ticked and had turned them in. No...
  3. Re: January 21-23 Recruiting Weekend Visitor List

    Mique Juarez brought his parents with him. He would be HUGE get.
  4. Re: Aaron Sterlng commits to Alabama

    You're right about the height BUT I seem to recall reading a quote from his coach saying he had 20+ sacks this past season. Frankly, I don't care if he's a midget if he can come up with those kind of...
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    Re: Recruiting the Right players

    Sorry, but this is just not true. Yes, that was a really good recruiting class but I'd say Bama has done better than the Rebs every year.

    While I love an over achiever as much as anyone, most of...
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    Re: Is the SEC in love with itself?

    There's nothing wrong with going outside of the conference to find coaches. Nick Saban coming to LSU from Michigan State is a shining example. HOWEVER, most coaches from outside the South just don't...
  7. Re: Nike unveils uniforms for College Football Playoff teams

    Are the helmets a matte finish instead of the shiny crimson? Maybe I need new glasses?
  8. Re: Who's the starting QB for Bama next season?

    This ^^^^^^^. I'll be stunned if Blake Barnett doesn't win the job. Do I have "insider information"? Nope, just gut instinct. He'll have had two Springs and two summers in the program and I expect...
  9. Link: Re: Auburn fans named among the Top 5 "classiest" fan bases...Not making this up

    I'm incredulous at this link. "Classiest"? Are you freaking kidding me?

    I married into an Auburn family. When Auburn beats Bama, they run their mouths incessantly. I mean they NEVER miss an...
  10. Re: If Kiffin leaves, who would you like as Off Coord?

    I believe this is the case. For whatever reason, Coker doesn't seem capable of making a lot of reads and one thing I'll give Kiffin credit for, he studies his QBs and what they can and can't do. He...
  11. Re: If Kiffin leaves, who would you like as Off Coord?

    I'd love to see a Stanford flavor added to Bama's offense. Really innovative (e.g. running 7 offensive linemen on the offensive line, not TEs, OFFENSIVE LINEMEN) yet smash mouth football.

    I don't...
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    Question: Re: Best Place for Kirby Smart?

    Maryland could be a decent job. Under Armor has said they're willing to fork over BIG $$$$$$ for Maryland athletics and they want to make Maryland the Oregon of the East Coast. IMO, those units (like...
  13. Re: Recruits Scheduled for 'Bama vs LSU in Tuscaloosa

    I'm sure there are more than this but I found this on Isaac NautaS Chauncey Gardner (Florida commit)ATH Brandon BurtonTE Miller Forristall (Bama commit)
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    Re: Trouble on Rocky Top

    It never gets old seeing Tennessee lose. NEVER. I wish for them to lose all games for all eternity.
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    Re: Devin Asiasi

    I'd seen video of this kid. Big, big TE who's physically ready to play NOW. Could be a really good DE but insists on playing only TE in college. Very effective blocker, great size (6-5, 270 lbs),...
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