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    Re: Winston strikes back with a counter suit

    Heartily agree! This matter was thoroughly mishandled by the cops who did not use established protocols for alleged rape cases, the "witnesses" were not interviewed separately and actually were...
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    Re: A Draft Observation

    I think the school with the largest number of draftees was Louisville of all teams. They have really had a very successful run of their secondary players into the NFL the last few years.
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    Re: Xzavier Dickson to the Patriots

    So glad he was taken by the Patriots. Suspect Belicheck/Saban in on this deal.
  4. ADMIN NOTE: Re: Maintenance in progress - site may go offline for a few minutes.

    I think I talk for all Tidefans users, take what time you need to sort this mess out so everything is up and running for fall camp!
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    Re: Jalston Fowler to the Titans

    One of my all time favorites! Glad I'll get to see him at TN. I think the Titans will be surprised at his versatility.
  6. Re: Diary of a Draftee's Mom: April Justin on Her Baby, Landon Collins

    What a waste of time reading this drivel. Previous responses to this thread have got it right as a self-serving, self-absorbed diatribe. She is the kind of woman who will hound poor Landon wherever...
  7. Re: R. Washington (RB) Commits to Florida, then Switches to Syracuse

    He is a kid and kids tend to change their minds more often than their underwear at times. Good luck whichever program he chooses. Of course, I don't understand why he didn't pick Bama but he still...
  8. Re: Roll Tide Cheer at Mount Everest Base Camp

    So pleased to hear your friend is safe and working to save lives. Thoughts and prayers for the missing, the fatalities, and their families. Sounds like a devastating earthquake -- I think they said...
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    Question: The crimson tide elephant

    A friend of mine is crocheting a blanket for her daughter who is a crazy Roll Tide fan. She is looking for a pattern to crochet or needlepoint the head of the elephant with the word "Bama"...
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    Re: Bo Scarborough injured...might be ACL. NOT GOOD

    Best wishes for a healthy and speedy recovery
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    Re: Tyren Jones Charged with Marijuana Possession

    Alasippi, got to disagree. Marijuana should not be illegal. Just as alcohol can be mind altering, so is pot. Not advocating it because of personal preference because I have never used -- alcohol...
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    Re: Tyren Jones Charged with Marijuana Possession

    ................ and so it continues!! Why do these guys with God given talent, blow it for a little weed or a drink or two over the limit? Are they that short-sighted?
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    Re: And now Jonathan Taylor....again

    Saw on Sportscenter where he has been dismissed. What a phenomenal opportunity Taylor has squandered. Don't blame coach for giving him a chance. It is totally Taylor's responsibility and loss.
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    Re: Gino Smith Arrested

    First DUI unfortunate, second one unforgivable!! Stupid, stupid, stupid.
  15. News Article: Re: Mark Ingram a Free Agent No Longer...4 Year-16 million dollar deal from the Saint

    Well deserved. Give the man the ball consistently, and he will make the yards! It seems the Saints got the message last season.
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