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  1. Re: I don't think there's any chance Hoke can survive 'The Shane Morris Incident'...

    An entire coaching staff doesn't see THAT ​ play?
  2. Re: Any new wrinkles to the offense this week?


    Absolutely. We'll never have a decent passing game until we get this fixed!!!
  3. Replies

    Re: Our talent level

    They fought us the entire game last year but just wore down. Had their coach kicked the field goals, we would have been gnawing nails well into the fourth quarter.

    I still don't think Bo Wallace,...
  4. Link: Re: Update: Jameis winston out whole clemson game!!!!!!!

    Quite intentionally. Narcissist of the 24th degree.
  5. News Article: Re: College Football: Alabama Goes Electric (Rolling Stone article)

    Quite the 21st Century love song to our coach and our team.
  6. Re: UT Freshman RB Treyvon Paulk dismissed from team after alleged domestic incident

    Except in Tallahassee.
  7. Re: I want to create a new word "Daboing" (I hope this is not a teaser)

    Watson was 19-28 for 266. He also ran for 30 yards against one of the most violent defenses in the country. Cliff Stoudt will continue to have some kind of role, but he just got Wally Pipped.
  8. JessN: Re: Florida preview: Struggles with Kentucky belie Gatorsí true talents

    Comes by his board name honestly.
  9. News Article: Re: Sims has come far to win Tide QB battle

    The kid with the last name of Coker seems to be rooting pretty hard.
  10. Re: Alabama Defense improved compared to last year

    Let's revisit this in four weeks.
  11. Re: Widening the field can be just as important as lengthening the field

    I guess you don't buy the notion that those passes are based on the quarterback's read of soft coverage by the secondary. If the DBs ever adjust, might we have a play or two to fall back on?
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    Re: Are we saving our Tight ends?

    it it is worth noting that OJ caught very few passes last year when we had the most experienced pro set college quarterback in America. Either the tight end just isn't a consistent priority target in...
  13. Re: Do you think Sims separated himself further today?

    Mom, I wouldn't quite go that far but I agree with your point. I'm much more concerned with the nose guard, the pass rush and a linebacker corps that still doesn't appear to know the playbook. All...
  14. JessN: Re: FAU wrap-up: Game was short, but fansí discussion wonít be

    Good post, CV. One big difference is CPB didn't have to operate in the social media minnow bucket. Back in the old days, who would think of ever challenging a coach who had won multiple national...
  15. JessN: Re: FAU wrap-up: Game was short, but fansí discussion wonít be

    Only that CPB was at least as much the autocrat as Nick Saban is and said stuff like this all the time.
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