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    Re: Division Rankings: SEC West Way Ahead

    9th division of the NFL.
  2. Re: Nickname what do you think? "Blake the Snake"

    We arent A&M or LSU. Our players dont need nicknames...
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    Link: Re: Jameis Winston suspended 1st half vs Clemson

    Anyone find it strange that if Coker had stayed at FSU he would have more playing time this weekend....
  4. Slive lays out plan for new NCAA subdivision.

    Looks like the wheels are already turning on the top conferences breaking away.
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    Jacob Coker free to transfer (ESPN)

    I know there's been a lot of talk about him transfering but it looks like he has offically been released from his scholarship and is free to transfer. Doesnt mean he is coming to Bama, but fingers...
  6. Ranking the 16 BCS national champions - USA TODAY

    16. 2007 LSU (12-2)
    15. 2002 Ohio State (14-0)
    14. 2010 Auburn (14-0)
    13. 2006...
  7. Re: Va Tech WR Joel Caleb Suspended for Alabama Game

    Alabama at -18 1/2, just seems like free money at this point..
  8. Re: What role did Urban Meyer play in helping cover for Hernandez?

    They were going to arrest Hernandez for underage drinking, but then Tebow came over and turned the wine back into water and all was forgiven...
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    Link: Re: Two Texas A&M Players Arrested for Assault

    Two game suspensions are NORMALLY for the little things. Like drunk in public or disorderaly. But this being A&M and after seeing how they handled JF last year, Id say you're right lol
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    Link: Two Texas A&M Starters Arrested.

    Deshazor Everett, 21, and Floyd Raven Sr., 20, each face two counts of assault causing bodily injury.

    FYI: Everett was the one that intercepted AJ's pass in the endzone. Sep 14 may have just got a...
  11. Link: Re: WOW..Check Out The Drawings Of The Potential New Home Of The SEC Championship Ga

    The stadium will seat approximately 70,000 people, with 180 luxury suites and 7,500 club seats. The Georgia Dome seats 71,228, has 162 suites, and 5,174 club seats.

    They're making it smaller?? How...
  12. News Article: Former UA President Guy Bailey finalist for New Mexico State University President

    I thought he had to resign because of his wifes health issues... Now he has time to be President somewhere else?? Adds to the story that something just wasnt right about him resigning...
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    Link: Re: Former Auburn Players Talk

    Jason Kirk?@JasonKirkSBN35m
    We *think* we've chronicled every allegation made against Auburn about the Gene Chizik era here: LINK

    December 31, 2008: Auburn hires Gene Chizik as head coach. No...
  14. News Article: Re: Mal Moore stepping down as Athletics Director (Official statement from UA)

    Who decides the new AD? Is this a hire the President can make or is this a Board of Trustees desicion?
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    Re: Manziel Taking All On-Line Classes-Fishy?

    Who cares. The least he's on campus the more time he has to goof off, not pratice, not be focused, or get in trouble. The longer he stays away from the program the more likely he is going to have a...
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