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    Re: Who are you pulling for in the NC game?

    I haven't watched a game since Bama lost. I love college football and during the season watch every game I can from the SEC to the MAC. After last Thursday I just couldn't stomach watching the...
  2. Re: Michael Dyer, academically ineligible for the bowl game

    Unlike at the Barn he had to actually go to class and do the work at Louisville
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    Re: Section of Kyle Field imploded

    How do you expect to sell out with a sausage fest cheerleading squad. Fans don't want that
  4. Link: Re: Possible Conflict with Championship Game and Cowboys Playoff Game

    Make the Cowboys play at the Cotton Bowl
  5. Re: Big 12 would look "East not West" for expansion

    They could add North Dakota State. They have found success at whatever level they play at.
  6. Re: Big 12 would look "East not West" for expansion

    Add BYU because they can beat down anyone after a game. People would watch them to see the fights. It would be like the reason people watch hockey. Not because of the game but because of the fights.
  7. Re: WVU students not content with just burning furniture this week

    Have you not seen the movie Wrong Turn?
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    Re: Georgia Suspends Todd Gurley for NCAA Violations

    But Richt is such a good guy.
  9. Re: Yahoo Sources: Ole Miss Under Investigation for Rules Violations in Multiple Spor

    I have felt that way to. Hugh Freeze is not a miracle worker and I don't believe he and his coaching staff could pull some of those top notch recruits without a little extra incentive.
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    Re: Betting Line Going Back towards Ole Miss

    Ole Miss is still Ole Miss and we are Alabama. Who cares about what the experts are saying and how people are betting.
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    Re: Florida game time?

    I feel you. My tickets are in the East Upper. I still like the 2:30 games where I can get home at a descent time. I can bare the heat.
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    Link: Re: Blake Sims= true teammate and leader

    Great read. He does seem like a great guy.
    Great guy but is he the guy to lead Bama to a championship? Not unless he has greatly improved with his passing accuracy.
  13. Re: Penn State vs. UCF Season Opener Threatened by Potential Volcanic Eruption

    Talk about starting the season off with a bang.
  14. Penn State vs. UCF Season Opener Threatened by Potential Volcanic Eruption
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    Link: Re: Coaches hot seat ranking - Coach Saban #14

    My butt is on fire after eating a ton of hot sauce.
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