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    Re: Miami at Cincinnati

    He's a true freshman from Clay, AL and he threw for over 500 yards in their last game against Memphis. He looks a heck of a lot better than anyone we've got right now. Don't know why we didn't...
  2. Re: Ravens Plan to Release Terrence Cody, Who is Under Investigation for Animal Cruel

    Animal cruelty can take many forms and beating a pet is only one form. Since the vet probably did not actually witness Cody beating his dog, it probably had to do with the dog's condition. They can...
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    Re: OSU fans "violated" the statues....

    Just curious but which came first, the Y M C A or O H I O?
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    Re: Because this board has high standards.....

    My definition of a bad loss is getting whipped by a team that doesn't even belong on the same field. The LA Monroe loss, though embarrassing to Bama fans, was not that big of a shock to me. 2007...
  5. Link: Re: Navy Seal Who Inspired "Lone Survivor" to Meet with the Team Today

    A great movie by the way but I don't understand why they just let the goat herders go. That decision right there cost 19 American lives. They seemed to be under the impression they had to either 1)...
  6. Re: Bama vs LSU academically ... rubbing it in just a little more.

    Whereas the out of state students may be taking slots from marginal in-state ones (who probably should give junior college a try to get themselves in order), you can thank the money they bring in. If...
  7. Thread: Caption this

    by Im_on_dsp

    Re: Caption this

    Frieze: "I don't know, I just feel like going for it on 4th down tonight"

    Saban: "Guffaw!"
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    Link: Re: Delany: Let players bypass college

    For an out of state student, the cost to attend The University of Alabama is approximately $20,000 per semester, figuring in tuition, room and board, fees and books. That's $40,000 per year. Oh, and...
  9. Re: Carl Torbush (former Bama DC) to revive football at East Tennessee State

    Some things are just better left dead, like ETSU football. What makes them think this time around is going to be any different?
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    Link: Re: OK, more ITAT paranoia...

    There is no secret sauce (PED's) at Bama, or for that matter, in college football anywhere. These guys are tested out the wazoo. Our players are bigger and faster because CNS recruits guys who are...
  11. Link: Re: The most discussed receiver in Tidefans history Duron Carter to sigh with Vikings

    That's called doing a favor for a Hall of Fame ex-Viking. He won't last through training camp.
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    Re: Kentucky just lost to Robert Morris

    When your team perennially consists of a group of mostly one and done's you're going to have some years that are a bust. This appears to be one of those. I'm sure they'll load up with a bunch more...
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    News Article: Re: Texas considers beer sales

    Yes, I believe it is. I was just at the University of Cincinnati for a basketball game a month ago and they were selling beer in the concession area. Kind of caught me by surprise.
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    Re: BanditRef: SEC Spring Break

    I can see someone really spent a lot of time putting that together. Nice graphics and editing. The only problem is it wasn't very funny. Kinda lame actually.:frown:
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    Re: John Parker Wilson released from Jaguars

    No kidding. The minimum salary for a 4th year player in 2013 will be $713,000,
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