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  1. Link: Re: Nico Johnson Says Blake Barnett Reminds Him of Ryan Mallett

    I certainly hope not. Mallett was too easy to rattle and complained to the refs more than most NBA players.
  2. Re: What Nick Saban has done to the SEC since 2007

    But we should probably fire him.

    - AJC Sports Writers if he loses a game
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    Re: NFL Combine 2015

    Even running at full speed he seems impassive.
  4. Re: For those wondering what happened to Marlon Humphrey....

    I don't know enough about track and field or each players events to answer this myself, but will we ever see Humphrey and Brown on the same relay team?
  5. Interesting passage from The Last Coach by Allen Bara

    I've been reading The Last Coach by Allen Bara and a passage near the end jumped out at me.

    The book was published in 2005 and near the end, Bara discusses Bryant's death and the numerous coaches...
  6. Re: Should Congress Audit The Federal Reserve?

    Should Congress audit the Federal Reserve?

    That's like asking if a murderer should be allowed to vote on his parole hearing.
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    Re: Carmax or Drivers Way?

    A Turbo charger on that small car - must have some serious giddy up! I had a little Jetta with a turbo charger. Pumped out ~200 hp. Made that little car feel much sportier than it really was.
  8. Re: Assistant's duties questioned

    Based on how UT and Wickline have played this, they are getting what they deserve. Both parties knew about the clause and tried to do an end run to get out of the buyout and now they are being...
  9. Re: Well, our resident admin/recording masterer did it again...

    Congratulations, CA!
  10. Re: Rece Davis replacing Chris Fowler on College Gameday

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Fowler may not appreciate being forced out of his long time gig and Davis may see some backlash from the reports suggesting this was ESPNs way of...
  11. Re: What do people mean by liberal media/agenda

    The liberal media would be, I suppose, any media outlet that pushes an agenda that is consistent with liberal or left-wing ideals.

    As far as who controls it, I don't think there are specific...
  12. Re: Former FB Kyle Bennett speaks about Fran and Shula on local radio show.

    I often wonder how Shula's career would have unfolded had Alabama not been his first HC gig. He was clearly unprepared for Alabama, but I wonder if he'd followed the OC to mid-major HC route, would...
  13. Link: Re: Les Miles Unhappy If Louisana Kids Leave The State To Play Somewhere Else

    Eh. He's talking to a bunch of boosters and telling them what they want to hear.

    He signs ~70% of the top 10 talent in the state each year, so he's not losing a ton of guys.
  14. Re: Which of our latest recruits will play the most as freshmen?

    Doh! Completely forgot about Bo. I think he'll find himself plugged in frequently to Kiffin's offensive schemes.
  15. Re: Which of our latest recruits will play the most as freshmen?

    I don't know if he starts, but I think he could easily make it into heavy rotation.

    Not sure. I picked Cotton because there will be spots open on the line and a lot of competition for playing...
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