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  1. Link: Re: Auburn fans named among the Top 5 "classiest" fan bases...Not making this up

    I'm sure they meant to say "Classless"
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    Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. Miss. State

    41-10 Bama
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    Re: Ray Perkins picks the SEC games

    Oh, well then that makes me feel much better
  4. Crime Blotter: Re: Five UGA Players Listed in Athens-Clarke County Police Report

    No charges have been filed.

    Well, of course they haven't...and they won't be
  5. Re: Does anyone know Coach Saban's record as an underdog?

    Don't know if he's ever been an underdog :biggrin:
  6. Re: Just Found the Food Boards on "Otherboards"

    Those boards use to be very active, but popularity has fallen off significantly in the past couple years since one of the biggest contributors and moderator (Rich) passed away
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    Re: Taking my 6 yr old to his first game

    Ahhh precious memories. I took my son to his first Bama game about that age. We were playing Vandy at Legion field. Now he's 37-years old and a proud Bama grad (class of 2000). Enjoy your time...
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    Re: Anyone read this Idiot????????????

    no clicks here
  9. Re: Why do certain SEC teams get 4 cupcake teams on their schedule?

    You beat me to it...DITTO
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    Re: Pick the Score: Ole Miss vs. Alabama

    I have a bad feeling about this game.

    Ol Sis - 31

    Bama - Less than 31

    :p_frown: Hope I'm wrong
  11. Re: Speculation Confirmed: Barners Would Rather Witness a Win Against Bama than a NC!

    Sorry, I just can't read the drivel in that link
  12. Link: Re: Southern Miss has a New Logo Because Iowa Thought Old One was Trademark Infringem

    I always though Iowa's kinda looked like a chicken. Anyway, they're just jealous because Southern's look better
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    Re: Off-season news...

    I think it has to do with a QB. Either Miller or Shameless Winston. Probably Miller
  14. Re: W Virginia gets two years probation while already on probation

    Double secret probation ;)
  15. Re: What QB (past or present) does Blake Sims remind you of?

    It seems I recall him scrambling around a good bit and nearly giving me a few heart attacks :tongue:
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