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  1. Re: Watch: Avery and the Team to Announce OOC Schedule Today (7/27) at 4

    If that's the most important thing for you, then you should see plenty wins, most of them of the lopsided variety. I, too, like to see Bama win at basketball but I can take a loss if we're playing...
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    Re: The Saban Record

    Fun to look back at all those comments, I'm just glad that none of the quotes were mine! And no need to go looking for any... ha ha
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    ADMIN NOTE: Re: Welcome to The Rivalry Room!

    I agree, and look forward to lurking and laughing.
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    Gregg Marshall episode

    Did you guys catch the blow up by Marshall while his team is playing in Canada? I think it started with a no call when one of his players supposedly suffered a concussion and he stormed the floor and...
  5. Re: Maurice Smith Transferring; Alabama Grants Release, Up to SEC to Clear [UPDATED]

    Now that the saga is nearly over... I would have preferred for Coach to have stuck with his original stance. He'd already taken the PR hit and he won't get any credit for releasing him now. The only...
  6. Re: Bama Apparel - 20% off FLASH sale PLUS Free Shipping - TODAY ONLY!

    Thanks for posting, Placed an order for an item I wanted for an upcoming trip and was happy to be able to save 20% and free shipping.
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    Re: Alabama vs Ole Miss from 1969(Youtube video)

    I, too, remember watching the broadcast. What a great night for Scott Hunter, but all anyone talked about afterwards was Manning. The one thing everyone agreed on - it was a heck of a game. I enjoyed...
  8. Re: Watch: Avery and the Team to Announce OOC Schedule Today (7/27) at 4

    Not very excited by that schedule, especially the Coleman games. The highest profile team, Clemson, will be played on a Sunday in Birmingham. The best Coleman game is Dayton on a Tuesday night -...
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    Question: Re: Anyone been to The Grove at Ole Miss?

    Just a bunch of trees and some grass. Way too small for the number of people that try to cram in there. A very overrated gameday experience followed by watching the game in a high school like...
  10. Re: We lost a great Tide fan and old-school sportswriter yesterday...

    Proud to say I knew Jimmy and he knew me by name. He was a living encyclopedia of Alabama and Prattville athletics. He was dedicated in his coverage of all Prattville sports. Obviously he covered the...
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    Re: Jersey Countdown to Gameday

    We still have 50 more sunrises before our team will play USC. The clock is a countdown to 12:00am on September 3rd, not until game time. With SEC media days behind us, only 3 weeks until...
  12. Re: JK Scott could end up the best punter since.......just sayin

    I hope JK has to punt 14, maybe 15, times this season... and I expect they'll be boomers! :biggrin:
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    Re: What game are you (re)watching?

    I never re-watch losses, they're painful enough the first time. As a fan, there are no lessons to be learned for me, therefore I never revisit the losses. I get that players and coaches watch them...
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    Re: What game are you (re)watching?

    For us soccer fans it has been a great two weeks of diversion with the Copa America and Euro 2016 happening concurrently. As for football, this morning I caught a show on the SEC Network that was a...
  15. Re: 5-7 teams going to the back of the bowl selection

    A December evening with football, even though it may be between 5-7 teams, is better than no football. You never know when one of those games is going to turn into a shootout, provide a fantastic...
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