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    Re: Terrible Night for the Big Ten!

    Meyer will be heading to a local hospital soon
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    Question: Re: Is the ACC better than the BIG 10,11,12?

    Big 10 is a mess and has been that way for awhile. In my opinion the pac 12 is the second best behind the SEC. They have some good teams. Sure the bottom part isn't very good but all the conferences...
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    Game Thread Re: Va Tech vs Ohio State

    really happy to see urban cryer beat. big10 is really sorry this year
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    Re: Early Lines for Week 2 Games of Interest

    Byu should give Texas a tough game. They look pretty good and they have a great QB.
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    Re: The Good The Bad and The Ugly WVU

    The Good : kicking game ( punting and field goals) running backs qb play

    the bad: very little pas rush lbs looking lost

    The ugly: corner play kickoff coverage and no abiity by QB to stretch...
  6. Re: What did you learn from the Thursday night games you watched? (My seven things)

    A&M looks pretty good. But even an average qb could have had a great day against that pourus secondary and no pass rush SC D. Looks as if ole is is till oe sis ...
  7. Link: Re: Multiple changes coming to ESPN's College Gameday

    The main reason I watch game day is coach Corso. If they got rid of him they would also lose a lot of viewers
  8. Re: Stephen Rivers Picks Vandy After Transferring from LSU

    He will do good at Vandy
  9. Re: Aaron Hernandez indicted for 2012 double murder

    I hope they fry the punk
  10. Re: Derrick Henry has created quite the buzz with his new car picture on instagram

    wmack you are absolutely correct. My wife is black and made real good money at her job. We bought our grandkids cars and know plenty of other black people that did the same. whoever thinks black...
  11. Re: Undrafted: List of Players of Note signing UDFA deals

    Steen will make the ariz team. He is a good guard and they need interior help
  12. Re: Aj McCarron

    good team for him to go to
  13. Re: Post-A-Day Depth Chart (combined from both teams)...

    Qb play wasn't very good(probally why coach saban is waiting on Coker) OL is still a problem hope it will get fixed by Sept. Defense looked real good. I think that Brown kid will be a good one ...
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    Re: Dillon Lee Arrested for DUI

    He was sent home for curfew violations. I think he will be okay will have to do a lot of extra work as punishment. These are college kids they do drink and some of them stupidly drive while drinking....
  15. Link: Re: Saturday Down South's Top Ten Rankings Entering Spring Articles

    If (and that is a big if) Coker is as good as advertised he should go to the top of the qb list. It will not to much to be better than Marshall.
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