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  1. Re: FWIW, If I Could Talk With Coach Saban About the Pace of Play Debate

    The problem is most college football fans are not aware of the change after the 2008 season. see below.

    The debate over tempo is an indirect result of college football adopting the 40-second...
  2. Re: James Andrews and Lyles Cain Speak About Cyrus Kouandjio's Knee Problem(s)

    Doctor Lyles Cain performed my ACL surgery 4 years ago. He and his team are exceptional. Bama is fortunate to have him.
  3. JessN: View Post

    I remember in 2010 that a bad Cal team almost upset Oregon; Cal had a player going down with an injury every other play. This is what might end up forcing the rule to revert back away from the 40...
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    Re: Norwood Runs 4.39-40 At Combine

    Maybe Tom Brady and the Patriots can get Norwood--they need more receivers.
  5. Re: Rules Committee recommends 10 second substitution window

    Technically, since referees are the arbiters of the safety rules during a game; you could make a case that referees not being in position to make a call as one of the facets of the overall safety...
  6. Re: Keenan Allen -- NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year

    Very good analysis.
  7. Re: Keenan Allen -- NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year

    Good information--This is a really good lesson. Coach Saban would not compromise his standard. Coach Bryant similar dilemmas and would not compromise with players like Macus Dupree--if anyone...
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    Re: Snow in Bryant Denny Stadium

    When I was a student at Bama we had a big storm and several of us went into Bryant Denny stadium late at night to play football.
    Of course this was before Global Warming and it all melted the next...
  9. Re: Keenan Allen -- NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year

    You obviously do not follow Bama recruiting and how hard Coach Saban worked to get Keenan Allen (see details below)

    According to the Mobile Press-Register, Maynard will visit Clemson this weekend...
  10. Keenan Allen -- one poll's NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year

    Congratulations to Keenan Allen

    Keenan Allen almost went to Bama as a High School recruit. Made NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.

    NEWARK, N.J., Jan. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Inergetics, Inc....
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    Re: Bobby Petrino

    Why would Gundy leave his alma mater to Coach hated rival Texas. Gundy played QB for Ok State.
  12. Link: Re: Is The AHSSA Fixing To Make Major Alignment Changes

    Do student/Athletes that get scholarships and transfer from public schools to private schools have to sit out 1 year?
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    Re: Think fundamentals don't matter?

    FSU coach said that he already changed his long FG personnel in practice last week because of the War Damn Miracle return.

    He put in faster players for the long FG package.
  14. Re: Found an ancient treasure---my Sugar Bowl tix from the 73 game v. Notre Dame!

    Thanks for sharing. Do you have a picture of the tickets you can post on the site?

    That was an incredible game. Came down to a missed kick on an extra point being the difference.
  15. News Article: Re: The 13 reasons Alabama lost the Iron Bowl, some obvious, others more subtle

    The article has two number 9s. Should be named 14 Reasons.
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