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  1. Re: Maine restaurant owner yells at child who was having a fit

    but how does any of that make screaming at the 2 year old ok? what exactly did that accomplish? looks like a complete idiot to me.
  2. News Article: Re: 2015 RB Xavian Marks Joins the Football Team

    we need bodies at RB. coaches arent looking for him to start. Or even get meaningful playing time. But like all the others, he'll get his chances to make a difference. And who knows. Scat backs can...
  3. Re: How would you describe President Obama in one word?

  4. Re: Reporters Pick Auburn To Win SEC But Alabama To Win The West.....

    if i was a betting man it'd be on either Bama or AU... AU had an awful defense but the return of Lawson and the addition of Cowart should make them at worse a little better. Johnson is an upgrade as...
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    Link: Re: Cowherd gone from ESPN

    ever since the SECN came along i went from only watching ESPN to never watching ESPN..I'm sure numbers are down
  6. Re: Alabama 2015 Football Media Guide Covers Released

    nobody looks older than Oden..:biggrin:
  7. Re: Black Youths Mock and Laugh at Unconscious and Bloody White Male Victim

    ur right actually. the media loves it. if people dont think stuff like this goes both ways, they are delusional..
  8. Re: Brandon Ivory a suspect in Tuscaloosa armed robbery

    he's been waived.. what in the world was he thinking..doesnt matter how much more there is to the story. that was dumb.
  9. Re: Colin Cowherd Tried to Interview Jim Harbaugh Today; It Didn't Go Very Well

    i think so as well. his press conferences with the 9r's all sounded weird like that at times.
  10. Re: 4-star shooting guard Kobie Eubanks set for Alabama official visit

    Hall has exceptional length though. He's one of those guys that can block a shot just looking at it if you know what i mean. I could see him getting playing time off the bench. reminds me or the kid...
  11. Re: The attrition at running back continues: Desherrius Flowers is ineligible this fa

    coudnt be. he had plenty of carries during his 4 years at Bama. I think he even had a 100 yard game once. or close to it.
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    Re: Auburn winning the west?

    not exactly a crazy prediction. their offense will be a handful. the defense cant get much worse. they no doubt have luck on their side. so it's possible
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    News Article: Re: NBC Sports - Bama vs Clemson in Peach Bowl

    guess it's not that bad of a prediction. it'd be tough to be a playoff team every year.
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    Re: How Bama Makes Them Quit.

    it's both offense and defense. even special teams. after being plowed by an offensive line, ur not gonna have anything left at times. keep getting hit by a strong defense, ur not going to be as hard...
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    Link: Re: Phil Steel Preseason All SEC

    i'd put Johnson over Prescott.
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