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    Blog: Re: Latest Bama News 1/21/2016

    Why does this story not come up when I click on it? Same result yesterday when I tried to view the Reuben Foster story from this same website.
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    Re: Jake Coker in the NFL

    Know Coker has been invited to play in the Senior Bowl but I don't think he has accepted the invite yet.
  3. Re: We've Got Ourselves a Kicker Guys (Scrimmage Discussion)

    Did you attend the scrimmage?
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    Re: UF has to fire Muschamp now right?

    Can't wait to read Meltdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Re: What ever happened to Richard Todd and Willie Shelby?

    IIRC after his stint with the NY Jets he stayed in the NYC area and became a successful stock broker.
  6. Re: Alabama's 85-year-old secret weapon for reducing football penalties in games.

    This guy is a riot. He came to the REC in Mobile a few years ago and told stories about Coach Bryant and all the practices he worked. IIRC he was a high school ref when he started working for coach...
  7. Re: Former Heisman winner Billy Cannon suffers stroke

    I agree you do not look your age nor does your wife. In 1958 it must have taken you about 5 hours to drive to Mobile. Still takes time today and a lot more cars on game day going Hwys 43,5,25,69. A...
  8. Re: Former Heisman winner Billy Cannon suffers stroke

    Showing our age aren,t we!!
  9. Re: Former Heisman winner Billy Cannon suffers stroke

    Have to be REALLY old to have been there. Was my first Alabama game. Coach Bryant played at least one game a year in Mobile for a few years. Saw them play Tulane,Mississippi Southern, and NC State...
  10. Re: Former Heisman winner Billy Cannon suffers stroke

    I was in the South End Zone stands that night. I remember it looked like a wave of people coming at us. I could see people thrown onto the field. After things settled down everyone in the South...
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    Re: 1969 Alabama vs Ole Miss Shootout

    My wife just reminded me that the REC meeting is NEXT Monday. I'll still mention it to Scott if he comes to the meeting. Remember reading about the game but I was tied up with a few pressing...
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    Re: 1969 Alabama vs Ole Miss Shootout

    Why don't you call Scott? He lives in Daphne and works a a Financial Consultant for Raymond James. Might see him tonight at a REC meeting and I'll tell him about your post.
  13. Re: SIAP, Is the scrimmage open to the public tomorrow?

    Open to REC only.
  14. Re: Any old timers remember the NFL vs College All Star Game ?

    Remember whe Lee Roy Jordan played and the famed Green Bay Packer sweep eliminated all All stars except Lee Roy. Lee Roy met Jim Taylor (LSU) head up and planted him about 7 yards behind the line of...
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    Re: Tickets in hand. Where are you sitting?

    Really no good answer as to where to park. Definitely do not park west of the superdome. Dome has no parking and lots of people will try to park under I 10. Don't know if that area will be blocked or...
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