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    Re: Champions Cookout

    Bar S
  2. Link: Re: *** JUCO DB Jhavonte Dean Commits ***

    big pickup here....expect another great DB commit in August
  3. Re: *** 2017 OL Hunter Brannon (Cullman) Commits to Bama ***

    relatively off the radar to a commit
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    Re: 2017 TE Major Tennison Updates

    he's a silent and it's not that much of a secret at this point.
  5. Re: *** 2017 DT Akial Byers Commits to Bama ***

    Arkansas is said to have not offered yet because of grade questions....heard 'doable' thrown around a lot thus far
  6. Re: *** 2017 S Xavier McKinney (Roswell, GA) Commits to Bama ***

    not saying the two things are linked, but he has had a poor showing this summer from sources...
  7. Re: How would you grade Trey DePriests career at Bama?

    that was actually Ragland's fault
  8. Re: Incoming Freshman LB Mack Wilson Tweets He has a Torn Meniscus

    3 month maximum, i would think..... with our doctors and facilities
  9. Link: Re: Falcons making contingency plans on new stadium

    not enough luxury/sky boxes....seriously, that is straight from a lawyer for one of the companies involved
  10. Link: Re: Cooper Bateman to Work Around Super Bowl Winning QBs

    Ive read a lot of comments on a few boards and I don't think Ive seen so many people hoping a QB doesn't win the job since Zow v Watts.

    Those two zone reads he should've kept vs OM have jaded...
  11. Re: Cam Robinson Arrested

    my first thought was, "well, they didn't mention a wad of cash being present so at least they won't be charged with trafficking".....
  12. Re: Cam Robinson Arrested

    remove baldwin from your statement...he was going to be 3rd choice at RT.
  13. Re: Cam Robinson Arrested

    guns, drugs, parking lot at 2-4am.... I could post what I am thinking but I will refrain...
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    Re: Scout email says Bama has a new commitment... anybody know who it is?

    no kidding....and we thought Najee Harris committed early.....
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    Re: Scout email says Bama has a new commitment... anybody know who it is?

    this....we actually have TWO for 2019
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