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  1. News Article: Re: Why Alabama is Encouraged About Future of QB Blake Barnett

    its a matter of physics. if a 250 lb defensive end or lb hits a 240 lb qb like coker, the actual felt impact force is spread out nearly evenly between the 2 players. If the same de or lb hits a...
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    Question: Re: Blitz packages?

    i dont see us needing to blitz against this team, just like we did not need to in the season. This dline is incredible, maybe one of the best ever in college football history. the fact that they...
  3. Link: Re: How the 'Pop Pass' has Changed Alabama's Defense Since Dominant 2011 Season

    new dedicated secondary coach Mel Tucker for one thing. The guy is a fantastic db coach, and his players are always ballhawking and play aggressive to the ball, which was really the only issue we...
  4. Re: Fall Practice Updates (Practice reports, Interviews, and Scrimmage Notes)

    he hurt his shoulder again, may have put him behind others
  5. Re: Tell me what year Bama had a better starting three receivers?

    i think the guys we have this year can be just as effective as cooper, white, and jones. Jones was non-factor, so anybody they put in there is going to be an upgrade, whether is Mullaney or Ridley. ...
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    Re: So Gus won't cuss? WTH?

    im pretty sure ive seen Gus cussing on the sidelines
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    Re: So Gus won't cuss? WTH?

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    Re: Discussion about Bama's D-Line

    dt was the best ever. the game is completely different now than when he played, however. mobile qbs, spread, hunh is the norm, all of which make it harder to dominantly rush the passer and get sacks
  9. Re: Does this defense have the potential to be the best ever during the Saban era?

    139 of those came on 2 plays. they had 44 rushing attempts. we held them to a very respectable 3.5 ypc on 42 attempts. and the 2 big plays were on the linebackers, particularly depriest. he...
  10. Re: tOSU's starting 22 would dominate Alabama's again this year.

    not really. they busted 2 big runs that accounted for 139 of their rushing yards. the 85 yard touchdown run and a 54 yard run in the first quarter that led to their 1st field goal. both plays...
  11. Re: ***2016 K Eddy Pineiro (JUCO) commits to Alabama***

    247 says hes from ASA college, the same school that leon brown and charles baldwin are from. that school is not in their first year of football
  12. Re: Link: Let The Battle Begin: David Cornwell (speaks very highly of his progress)

    tom brady does not have an especially strong arm in the nfl. he is productive because he has excellent timing, anticipation, and accuracy. Driving the ball down field is probably his weakest qb...
  13. Re: Link: Let The Battle Begin: David Cornwell (speaks very highly of his progress)

    this is dumb. cornwell has probably the biggest natural arm ive ever seen, and that was with somewhat poor mechanics in highschool. and unlike coker, his release is really fast. cornwell has the...
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    Re: Extra ref this season...

    yeah. this does nothing to address the problem. changing the distance down field a lineman is allowed to be to 1 yard made so much sense, this really doesnt do anything to fix the officiating issues...
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    Re: 2015 Spring Practice Thread

    nobody on the roster has more upside that cornwell. hes got an nfl frame and arm already, is plenty mobile and has good escape skill ala rothlesburger. he has the quickest release, strongest arm,...
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