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    Re: "I have a dream..."

    Hasn't some of Dr King's children, nephews and nieces condemned BLM? I know I have heard of at least a daughter and a niece rip that group.

    I am not so sure that if Dr King were alive today we...
  2. Re: Iran seizes US Navy patrol boat in Persian Gulf.

    As he was making the apology, I guess the guy had never heard of former Naval officer Jeremiah Denton.
  3. Question: Re: Any word circulating on whether Kiffin will be returning or not?

    I would say that it is more than likely CNS will do as much as possible to keep CLK here because of all the staff loses that we are going through. I do not know this on authority but I think if CKS...
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    Re: An Idea for honoring Coach Saban

    I will say that in my opinion, he deserves to be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame asap. I know that he is still active and there have been active coaches inducted into the College...
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    Re: Right on cue. Auburn fans no longer interested in CFB.

    I know there seemed to be a lot of Auburn players on twitter during the game last night. If I remember correctly, Derrick Henry was working out during the Championship Game last year. Might want to...
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    Re: Attitude Shifts About Dabo?

    It is very interesting that Dabo thought he was going back to Bama as an assistant when Price was hired. He did get strung out and even had a call with Coach Mal Moore who told Dabo to wait to hear...
  7. Re: EL FARO container ship wreckage footage and story

    I thought that there was a prediction that the storm would turn north and east and head back out to sea at the point where the captain may have made the decision to take the route he did. When the...
  8. Re: EL FARO container ship wreckage footage and story

    I watched this piece and as someone who has been to sea, it did a pretty good job of showing how powerful the ocean can be. The part of the story where the NTSB investigator reveals that the top two...
  9. Re: Cafeteria worker fired over giving student $1.70 lunch for free

    Just curious, but why don't these delis and bakeries donate the excess food to homeless or battered women and children shelters instead of tossing it away in the trash? Are there local guidelines...
  10. Re: North Dakota State, The Machine That is The Bison

    UAB just had a big signing day of somewhere around 17 players who are transferring from other FBS programs. I heard it is the number 1 rated class in C-USA.
  11. News Article: Re: Pat Dye reminisces about Bear Bryant saying Dye would be next Alabama coach

    I had once heard that a few people close to Coach Bryant had a conversation with and mentioned a future retirement and replacement. People who were very close to him who could ask that type of...
  12. Re: Auburn released schedule for players while in B'ham

    If they stop by the vet's office, they can get their yearly physicals!

    No, that is not in blue font!
  13. Re: Auburn released schedule for players while in B'ham

    I work with a Barn fan who got this joke and tried to turn it on Bama. Very poor attempt.
    I then heard him speaking with his brother (former Barn player) bragging about how Auburn had sold out...
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    Link: Re: "Weimar America"...

    For some reason when I read the bolded part, the first thing that I thought of was Obama to Hillary.....
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    Re: The Donald is a boom.

    Wasn't Lee Harvey Oswald a Communist?
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