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  1. News Article: Re: Report: Former Alabama RB Dee Hart to transfer to Colorado State

    I wish him well
  2. Re: Alabama Coal Miner Delivers Emotional Testimony at EPA Hearings

    It won't matter. It won't matter because people elect people like Barack Obama, and people like Barack Obama enlarge and empower agencies such as the EPA in order to destroy the way of life that has...
  3. Re: Make $7K a month sheltering illegals

    Seebell thanks you. ;)
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    Link: Re: Stephen A Smith suspended by ESPN

    He shouldn't have been suspended. They should have brought Michelle Beadle (the one who went off on a rant on Twitter about his comments) on and allowed her to face him on live tv.
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    Re: The viles have reached a new low...

    I don't think Dooley was ready to be a head coach; I don't know that he ever would have been ready. But taking that job was probably the stupidest career move he could have made.

  6. Re: Urban Meyer's Wife on the SEC, Florida Fans.

    Agreed. And they should expect that, if they fall short of those expectations, fans are going to gripe and complain on the radio and on message boards.

    Should fans gripe and complain? Do we know...
  7. Re: Urban Meyer's Wife on the SEC, Florida Fans.

    It amazes me sometimes how detached these coaches and their families are from the fan bases.

    I guess there are plusses and minuses to that; probably more plusses.
  8. Link: Re: The Jaguars Unveil The World's Largest Scoreboards

    I guess they'll get good use out of it for the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.
  9. Link: Re: Stoops tired of Bama's Sugar Bowl excuses.

    Yeah, we got ours handed to us. One can still attempt to explain why, further than the "they just whipped us."

    I can say Alabama beat themselves and it not take away from what Oklahoma did. If...
  10. Re: Obama claims tax "inversions" unpatriotic

    He wouldn't know what patriotism was if it slapped him in the face.
  11. Re: Ohio Sheriff bills Mexican Govt for housing illegals

    No.. our nation would be a lot better off if our political leaders actually did the jobs they were sworn to do, and even more so if our citizens actually held them accountable.

    Yes this is...
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    Re: Opinions on the "New" Finebaum Show

    I haven't listened regularly since the days Neal Vickers was his sidekick. Of course he was going to get more boring and bland with the move to ESPN.

    He sold out. I'm not saying that is a good...
  13. Question: Re: How crazy it would be if SEC and ACC and then Big 10 and Big 12 combine?

    Pretty crazy
  14. Re: The Earth dodged a solar bullet in 2012

    I was thinking we could tax the sun for carbon credits.
  15. Re: Rich Rod comments on Nick Saban's opinion of HUNH offenses

    Well they do somewhat tackle in arena league.
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