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    Re: What music are you diggin'?

    My favorite new music. Absolutely beautiful.
  2. Re: What European country is your perfect fit?

    I think it looks something like this:

    After all, they do not really intend to provide an actual country that you fit best. They really just want you to be...
  3. Re: Sharpton's daughter climbs Bali mountain after suing NYC for ankle injury.

    If you had friends who were born into wealth and still managed to commit fraud to the tune of $5 million, then you would. You just gotta look in the right places for these friends. You might consider...
  4. Re: If everyone could spare a thought or a prayer for my brother

    So sorry to hear.
  5. Link: Re: post-spring secondary review - Roll Bama Roll

    Finally, a good DB coach! We might even end up with a pass defense ranked in the top 15 nationally!
    You know, like we've had in 5 of the last 6 seasons.
  6. Re: Isn't it great having a visible bball coach?

    We can't judge him on wins and losses yet, so all we've got right now are behaviors that contribute to winning. Realizing there is a PR element to coaching is a really good start. Hopefully we will...
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    Re: Tsarnaev found guilty

    Personally, I think he should be tied to a tree in downtown Boston for 48 hours.
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    Re: Official Joke Thread

    Did you read the second most important quality? I think down the road, they would have stopped after the first illustration.
  9. Re: Kid gets accepted to all 8 Ivy League Schools, chooses Bama

    But, how will he succeed in life without a degree from Harvard?
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    Re: Another Asset Seizure

    But, security.
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    Re: Avery Johnson Jr to transfer to Alabama

    I like it.

    Now, if AJjr turns the ball over repeatedly, and he continues to play over a hot 3-pt shooter, I'll start to complain. But, really, who didn't see this coming the day news broke that...
  12. Re: The illusion of social media and how it can be psychologically destructive

    Without going too far in-depth, I'll just say that this article really touched me.

    My 8 year old son sees a counselor for anxiety and OCD, and although their stages in life are much different, I...
  13. News Article: Re: So ISIS Wants to Find out how we Roll...Attacks Anti-Islam Event in Texas

    They're just trying to make peace.
  14. Link: Re: Another Alabama teacher sleeping with students

    She didn't think it was quite as funny when you had the same thought, eh?
  15. News Article: Re: So ISIS Wants to Find out how we Roll...Attacks Anti-Islam Event in Texas

    Interestingly (to me, anyway), it seems different sides stand on different sides of these debates - the right stands on one side in this issue, the left the other. But if we were talking about sexual...
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