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  1. Re: And so it begins: Auburn fans blaming loss on referees.

    Dang, all their wins were BECAUSE of the referees not being able to pick up all their interior line holds, their illegal linemen downfield, and etc., and now their LOSSES are their fault, too?

  2. Re: Dr. Kevin Elko to Coach Saban "It's time to reinvent and rebuild Nick..."

    The world could use more Joel Osteens...
  3. Re: Chris Fowler receives Heimlich from Jesse Palmer during halftime at Pinstripe Bow

    And never, never, EVER, talk and eat at the same time. That's the most common cause.
  4. Re: "It's hard to watch this kind of football."-Tom Jackson

    It won't change.

    It is precisely what the NFL wants. The "unsophisticated" masses that really know nothing about "real" football, who are hooked on "fantasy" crap are the eyeballs, and they are...
  5. Question: Re: Will Saban have a redefining moment like Bear did with the wishbone?

    I really don't understand why the NCAA can't increase the scholly limit. It would allow these teams that are the bellcows to produce a better product for television (via more depth and better play...
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    Re: Learning about Alabama Football

    Get the book "Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer" by Warren St. John.

    Great stuff.

    so is the book "Crimson Nation" by Eli Gold (our in booth announcer for games on radio)....
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    Re: Bobby Petrino

    I'm glad you said that. I sort of think so too. He's the kind of coach that might put it all together for a bit of a conference run every, say, 5-6 years, but he is NOT the kind of coach to win a...
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    Re: congrats to Ms Terry and Coach Saban

    Well, we can look forward to 4 and 5 loss seasons now, cuz Coach won't have time for us any more! ;)
  9. Re: Saban signs multi-year extension w/Bama, shorthorns on suicide watch...

    "Orange is probably the most rejected and under-used color of our time. However, young people do respond well to it as it has a degree of youthful impulsiveness to it."

    "Orange offers emotional...
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    Link: Re: Nick Saban refutes Texas speculation

    Nope. This was all Texas, and all Media. Period.
  11. Re: New Discussion Thread on Possible Coaching Changes...

    Their tears taste wonderful.

    And they won't need any real food for about 2 years...they are eating their own over there, lol!
  12. Re: New Discussion Thread on Possible Coaching Changes...

    So do we need to change the story about Mack Brown retiring that is stuck on the front page? Looks kinda silly now with the whole "Now that Mack Brown is retiring" thing...
  13. Re: New Discussion Thread on Possible Coaching Changes...

    Anybody with any sense needs to be listening to KrAzY's posts. He's got it figured out.

    All this ridiculousness from the Texas masses wanting to believe in something that was never even a real...
  14. Re: New Discussion Thread on Possible Coaching Changes...

    Aren't they (FSU) in some major Red, financially? Not as bad as UT, but pretty close.
  15. Re: New Discussion Thread on Possible Coaching Changes...

    Well, get used to it, because within our lifetimes, we will see College football coaches make $10M+. And yes, the big schools can afford it.
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