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  1. Re: 4 star decommits from Michigan because he is misidentified

    One of my cousins was named Kim Morris. He was getting recruited in baseball, and one school sent him a letter addressed to Mrs Kim Morris. He ended interest in them quickly. He went on and played...
  2. Re: USC-AL in Dallas (Introducing to the board)

    The two schools are not far from each other. UCLA is in the Westwood area and USC is just south of the Downtown area. Both are great academic schools but I would give the nod to USC, my bias...
  3. Re: Every Map Of Louisiana Is A Lie - What It Really Looks Like Should Scare You

    I noticed that much of it is along the Mississippi River. How much is caused from the floods and erosion of the Mississippi? Take that into consideration and that much of that land is already below...
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    Re: Obama pays Iran $400 million for prisoners

    Apparently we now have admitted that the 400 million was payment for the hostages
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    Re: Derrick Henry Having a Good Night

    Finished the night with one touchdown, ten carries and seventy four yards
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    Derrick Henry Having a Good Night

    Derrick had had a touchdown and has fifty six yards on eight carries so far tonight.
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    Re: Newbie poster introduction

    Welcome aboard
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    Re: USC / Bama game question

    Welcome to the best site on the net. USC is a favorite of mine since I spent a couple years living just off the campus, 30th and Orchard, while my girlfriend went there and I went to Cal State...
  9. Link: Re: Wow! Huntsville makes Bloomberg news in a big time way...

    You really need to try our grilled chicken. None of our meat is frozen.
  10. Link: Re: Wow! Huntsville makes Bloomberg news in a big time way...

    We haven't gone into Huntsville yet. I'm with their corporate team and Huntsville is in our near future plans but we haven't opened there yet. Just opened Prattville and will be opening...
  11. Link: Re: Wow! Huntsville makes Bloomberg news in a big time way...

    We are planning to bring Milo's to Huntsville in the near future.
  12. Re: Cam Robinson Arrested

    Yes I did stupid stuff when I was young but I was taught that there were consequences for doing stupid stuff. I'm glad that I was punished. It made me think before doing more stupid stuff that...
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    Re: 2016 NFL Draft Thread (April 28, 29, and 30)

    Hate that I can't pull for it Henry. Titans are almost as bad as Carolina.
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    Re: Alabama vs Cowherd, Klatt, and Travis

    Loved the video but the music was horrendous
  15. Re: Pre-Draft Discussion (Combine, Mock Drafts, Analysis, etc...)

    No Carolina! No!
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