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  1. Re: Ole Miss gets commit from 5 * QB Shea Patterson (Shreveport, LA native).

    Didn't this kid's brother just take a job at Ole Mi$$?
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    Re: The Day After: Alabama vs. WSU

    I'm one never to blame refs, especially in basketball, but when they were in the double bonus with 8 min left in the game and we were never in the the bonus the entire second half, something ain't...
  3. Link: Re: Barn has offered Muschamp (update: supposedly has accepted)

    Gus says BOOM all the time after each Booger TD....along with his little fist pump LOL
  4. Re: I'm Going To Watch #1 Class 3A Madison County play tonight

    Seebell, i see you're from gurley? i grew up, played ball and graduated from MCHS, lived right down the road from the new HS until i got married. Did you go to MCHS too?
  5. Re: LB Darrell Williams Updates (Auburn Commit)

    i just don't see how this kid hans't flipped already, especially growing up a bama fan.
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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. ISU****

    This team will be ok....hard to beat a team that shoots near 60% for the game and gets home cooking from the refs.
  7. Re: Alabama Hoops: With Attendance Down, Can Anthony Grant Pull It Back Up?

    Player development and outside shooting, particularly the 3 ball.
  8. Re: Vols field condition during the game last night

    Go back and watch the first half, we slipping then. I think they may have turn the sprinklers on just a slow run during halftime to slow us down. I may be paranoid but I'm not the only person who saw...
  9. Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. Ole Miss Game Thread - 2nd Half****

    We have that tentative conservative Saban offense today!!! I don't understand? Let Kiffin do his job
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    Re: Pick the score: Ole Miss vs. Alabama

    LOL i don't know about the FG's....remember last year, freeze is an idiot who won't take his points when he can and gambles on 4th downs. Hope he does it again this year and has the same...
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    Re: Pearl lighting it up.

    He's cheated everywhere he's been, so it won't be long he will be caught cheating at the Cheating Capital of the United States. Even with success at AU, he won't be there long due to the fact that a...
  12. Re: It's almost here! Lets predict the SEC in 2014.

    South Carolina - 11-1
    Georgia - 10-2
    Florida - 8-4
    Mizzou - 7-5
    Tennessee - 6-6
    Vandy - 4-8
    Kentucky - 2-10

  13. Re: SI makes their picks for the first four team playoff....what about you?

    I think the Pac12 is wide open this year, but I think UCLA ends up winning it and whoever wins the Michigan State VS OSU game will win the Big10, so here goes nothing....

    1 Bama - Here's to us...
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    Re: SEC Network Links and news

    it will start at 5pm CST today with a 3 hour premeire show! as of this morning my directv wasn't channel yet and i do have the package one up from the package that has the network so if channel 611...
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    Re: ESPN college pick'em

    thanks for joining guys!
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