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    Re: Mini radios for football

    You can hear it on your phone.
  2. News Article: Re: Behind Hogs' 'Momma's Boys,' Bielema Confident of an Upset on Saturday at Auburn

    After watching the SEC Network and getting a chance to look at Arkie a little closer, they do have some studs at RB. I imagine that they have been working all Summer on dealing with Auburn right out...
  3. Re: Who are you most looking forward to having a great year?

    Hope that the Monroe 3 do well, as that is my hometown. Looks like one of them will get the start on the OL this Saturday.

    I really hope that Hootie gets some PT and plays lights out since he...
  4. Re: Tiger Woods Career Heading For The Sunset?

    That is true, but for the life of me I have no idea why a golfer would use gear to put on size. I powerlift and also play golf although I do most of my heavy training during Winter when I barely...
  5. Re: Trent Richardson plans to "roll right through them" in 2014

    Trent could overpower alot of tackles just because of his strength but that is not a clear advantage in the league where every player is legit. Trent's issue in the NFL is his acceleration to...
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    Re: Opinions on the "New" Finebaum Show

    Used to tune in on the reg when he had Coach Stallings and Coach Dye on. Not so much anymore. Maybe if I am on a roadtrip and just happen to think about listening.
  7. Re: Man Trying To Kill Spider Sets Rental House On Fire

    He took killing it with fire a little too literal.
  8. Re: New Book Claims Texas Offered Coach Saban $100 Million

    I have no doubt something like that went down. I mean seriously, the only school you are probably going to be loyal to is the one that gave you a degree. Other than that, you are probably always...
  9. Re: Urban Meyer: 08 Gators, best team to ever play

    In fact, a Houston Dale Nutt team.
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    Nick Saban Football Camps

    Read all I could using the Search feature. Just curious if anybody has a kid that has attended and has some intell. My kid is going from Fr to Soph. He was a Starter on the OL for a 4A team here...
  11. Re: Saints not exercising option on Mark Ingram's 5th year.

    It also so obvious when they bring him in that he is getting the ball. It's like the Safeties see him come in and its run as fast as they can to the LOS. For as gifted a play caller as Peyton is,...
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    Link: Re: McCarron: I Wasn't Healthy At Alabama

    I don't think they are turning on him, yet. Let him call out his teammates again though. I think they are really just a little miffed of the level of douche he has displayed in the last few months....
  13. Re: Saints not exercising option on Mark Ingram's 5th year.

    I love the Saints but hate the way they use Ingram. He needs carries to get in a groove and that's not the Saints mission when it comes to the run game. It's 1 carry here or there and then it's the...
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    Link: Re: McCarron: I Wasn't Healthy At Alabama

    Like I said earlier, follow somebody that has done it and done it right. GMac was first class all the way through his process from college to NFL. Follow that lead and you are golden. I know the...
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    Link: Re: McCarron: I Wasn't Healthy At Alabama

    Well, fingers crossed, the media hype should die down unless he opens his pie hole again about why he didn't go in the 1rst or 2nd Rounds like he thought he would.

    Please AJ, just report to camp...
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