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    Re: Coach Mac and Dee Hart Updates

    Great news for Dee Hart. Even when players leave Alabama for more playing time, it's good when they do well. Great for Coach Mac too
  2. Re: Kirk Herbstreit on Cowherd Show-Bama's offense is "scary".

    Got to admit I was not enthusiastic about Kiffin's hire as OC. However, I said I would bow to Saban's expertise and go from there. Kiffin was a real horse's rear end when he was at Tenn and...
  3. Re: Prayers for me-I'm scared, alone, and worried

    Please believe us when we tell you, you are NOT alone. Many of us on this website have faced turmoil and loss at one time or another. Please reach out for help. It is there waiting for you. You...
  4. Soldier on his way to Syria/Northern Iraq

    A friend at work asked me to keep her stepson in my prayers as he has just received orders for Syria/Northern Iraq. His name is William. My friend doesn't want to use his last name as not all...
  5. Re: Jameis Winston arrested for shoplifting crab legs at Publix

    I'm not so sure it would make any difference in Winston's case. Clearly, the FSU police force forgot all protocols when Winston was accused of rape and pooh poohed the allegation, refusing to take...
  6. Re: Georgia's Malcolm Mitchell's greatest accomplishment- great video

    I love stories like this. Here is a guy who made it to college because of his football ability. However, he has taken this opportunity to improve his reading ability and therefore his ability to...
  7. Link: Re: Number Crunch: An In-Depth Look at Amari Cooper's Record-Breaking Pace

    Do I hear Cha-ching? For every catch made, every yard gained, and every TD scored, Coop will move up the draft board expedentially. Wish he would stay for his senior year but, barring injury, I...
  8. Re: Glad the Hogs beat Tx Tech. Hey Stoops, what do you say now?

    Yes, I agree. Stoops is already touting it as 2 for 2 against the SEC. If you look realistically, Tenn is about 12th of 14 in the SEC and Stoops' OU didn't beat a bunch of freshmen by a large...
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    Re: who is your Heisman frontrunner?

    I think Mariota is the media darling at this time in the season. If Coop continues to get the exposure he has been getting and doing well against better D's, then he should be in the conversation.
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    Re: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    The Good: The offense. USM had no answer for Coop or Jones. RBs did well.

    The Bad: Opening drive for USM seemed too easy against our secondary. don't seem to have an effective answer at CB...
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    Re: Golson, Whitfield, Game Day Gripes

    While I don't think for a moment that Golson is any kind of hero (leave that to the military), I do feel he is a good role model because he screwed up, got everything taken away from him when he was...
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    Re: Bart Starr suffers stroke

    Am praying that the first minor stroke/TIA is not a warning for a second bigger one.
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    Re: Prayer Request

    So sorry to hear of Blaine's accident. Prayers for all in your family. Hopefully, he will regain full movement as the trauma to his spinal cord lessens
  14. Re: Most Convenient Major Airport near Tuscaloosa

    I hope you enjoy the game. I;ve got a lot of family in Dundas, Missisauga (Sp?) and Toronto. Depending on where in Ontario you live, you could also fly from Detroit or Buffalo as well as Toronto...
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    Re: Chad Lindsay gives up football

    Good luck to any guy who transfers from Alabama, now or in the future.
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