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  1. Game Thread Re: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. Clemson (Da Big One) - 2nd Half...

    Defense must hold!
  2. Re: If the Cincinnati Bengals 'wake up,' could AJ McCarron be their quarterback in 20

    AJ sliced apart 'the best defense in the NFL' for an entire first half of play. It was an impressive performance for a guy in his 2nd career start. He definitely has the chops to make it in the...
  3. Re: 1999 Showdown in swamp Bama vs Florida 9 pm classic sports tv

    I think DuBose was worse than Shula... But that's kinda like saying the AMC Gremlin was worse than the Ford Pinto.
  4. Re: For fun - looking back at Henry's recruitment

    Don't feel too bad - Will Muschamp said the same thing. 😂
  5. Replies

    Re: AJ wins an award

    AJ is the first QB we've put into the NFL in a long time who really has the chops.

    He can make the reads, he can make the throws, and he isn't intimidated by the big stage. Fun to watch!
  6. Re: Auburn released schedule for players while in B'ham

    Kickoff is 11AM, so everyone will be able to evacuate before sundown. :wink:
  7. Re: AJ's in for Dalton in the Bengals-Steelers game

    Ouch. Just threw a pick 6.
  8. Re: Plain Trouble on "Da Plains"

    It would be pretty funny if thousands of Bama fans showed up at Legion Field to cheer for Memphis. You should start a movement. 😂
  9. Re: Muschamp to South Carolina? (Muschamp accepts, updated page 21)

    Baffling hire. Muschamp has just proven, after 4 years, that he cannot win the SEC East with the immense resources of Florida. (Does anyone remember Florida players blocking one another and losing to...
  10. Re: Lest We Forget--The David Housel Rant (They're Coming For Your Children)

    What a nut! :rolleyes::eek:
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    Re: Fran Phony plays Idaho next week.

    How I miss reading "Kim's Corner"...

    But his tenure at Texas A&M did offer this legacy.
  12. Re: Where to watch Alabama Football in Orange County, CA???

    The easiest way would be via Watch ESPN - either the phone app or here:

    But is you want to have some fun, join the Alabama Alumni group at Rock & Reilly's Irish Pub....
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    Game Thread Re: Ole Miss vs. Arky

    What a game! College football is so much more entertaining than NFL.
  14. Re: LSU's Fournette looking forward to Alabama

    Another angle (with slo mo).
  15. Re: Funny Momment in the Game: Lane Kiffin Blocks Nick Saban from calling Timeout

    Agreed. I think it has something to do with Kiffin's previous head coaching experience (NFL and college). He's been the top dog more than once, and I think, somehow, Saban respects that. So Kiffin...
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