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  1. Re: Which of the freshman signees are already on campus ?

    From AL.COM article this evening.=
    "...Saban said all but one of the football team's incoming freshmen are enrolled in summer school, "and we're hopeful that he'll be in shortly." Saban did not...
  2. Re: What's your Twitter handle? Twitter name? Whatever you call it?

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    Question: Re: How do you think Bama will fare next year?

    I do see the possibility of another 2010, but really doubt it.
    DB's Lester will have Barron's spot as leader, but will have Sunseri and Ha-Ha out there with him (Vinnie got lots of snaps in 2012)...
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    Re: Roster Information Curiosities

    And Carswell's #5 has been reassigned (Chris Black)....hmmmmm
  5. Re: So where does the 2010 recruiting class stand

    Lewis took part in the Senior day activities, I took that as he is finished after not playing much (appeared in 7 games) and graduated last Dec.
  6. Re: So where does the 2010 recruiting class stand

    Jay was still listed on the roster in 2011. Thinking that Adam G can possibly punt too and if so, I would imagine that CNS may...
  7. Re: RB / ATH Alvin Kamara Updates (Gets 105 Letters from 'Bama)

    Since Bama has 2 rb commits, wondering if this guy still has a shot, or did he spend too much time opening the letters and not talking with the staff and missed his chance to commit?
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    Question: Re: One Player to Make Biggest Strides

    Jerrel Harris is gone. LB's will be Nico Johnson, CJ Moseley plus those from the last couple classes that have fought to the top of the depth chart.
  9. Re: Alabama’s Nick Saban mails 105 recruiting letters in ONE DAY to Atlanta RB"

    Thread title is a Fail.... I'm sure HCNS mailed these items. The truth is Alabama mailed them, error or not, but to Title this Alabama's Nick Saban.... well, that is just BS.
  10. Re: Who will be Bama's long snapper next year ?

    there are rules against hammering the LS. so he can be smaller. If you ever tried it, you would find, NOT a fun job. I was tried for the job and I made sure all my practice snaps sucked. I hated...
  11. Re: Who will be Bama's long snapper next year ?

    Dont believe Tinker graduated either... Unlike some Jr.s who graduate, Tinker did not take part in Senior Day last year. But, there are several listed on the roster Transfer from Liberty Univ.(where...
  12. Question: Re: Scarbo and Barbieux (97.3 Afternoon drive time show) What do you think of them?

    listen to a short segment.... fell asleep, woke up, listened, got ....ed....changed stations. thought they stunk it up
  13. Re: 2011 National Championship Coca-Cola bottles/cans

    Any word if these items will be available in Atlanta area? I keep looking, but prob just have to drive over to Anniston/Oxford... anyone? anyone? Bueller?
  14. Question: Re: Can you name the SEC team that Alabama has a losing record to?

    just to be clear - Bama has Winning record against the Boogs...
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    Re: What happens to our kickers?

    this may well be prob. If one simply practices does one get better? I think not, it's having someone who knows what the player should be doing and how to change and tweak the steps, and other...
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