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    Re: 2015 Athlete Kerryon Johnson

    Is that as opposed to a north-south or downhill runner, which some surmise ain't where the young man's rb bonafides lie?
  2. Link: NY Times drops a dime on Jameis Winston "investigation"

    Hoping the paperwork for Jake Coker's transfer is already processed...
    "Errors in Inquiry on Rape Allegation Against FSU's Jameis Winston"
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    Re: Cuonzo Martin leaving ut

    Petrino, er, I mean Pearl. (Wouldn't it be great for the cowpatties' sense of self-worth?)
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    Re: 3* QB David Sills Update

    Sort of a complicated story, but between the lines and from conversation, that firm destination for David Sills V could turn out to be Blacksburg. Though I was also fielding questions from interested...
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    Re: 3* QB David Sills Update

    Think the general consensus can be called a lead-pipe cinch on that score.

    Visited his adopted brother Jahmere Irving-Sills at Mississippi State over the weekend.
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    Re: Webb-McCarron wedding to be reality show

    His agent might want to nail down "Kendra" and Hank Baskett as technical advisors - that way, at very least, AJ could get some familiarity with a future Iowa Barnstormers teammate before actually...
  7. Re: Job Ofer Pulled

    Turns out he just gave up his job for Lent - and a little longer 'til he gets his "other" B.S. (degree). So he might still be on the radar, at least academically, to replace Grant someday. Don't know...
  8. Re: American Football vs Rugby..Which Sport Is More Brutal????

    A slight digression, but did anybody make note of 'Bama's newest commitment, OL Richie Fontaine Petitbon of Washington D.C., playing on attack for his high school lacrosse team? That's some kind of...
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    Re: UCONN Just Beat "EM"

    You'll pardon me for the Sunday morning quarterbacking, but I knew Eddie Munster's boys were imminently beatable by how closely 'Bama (and others) managed to play them. Of course, you also...
  10. Re: American Football vs Rugby..Which Sport Is More Brutal????

    Excellent opening salvo - and appreciate the insight. Did you ever try to take up your new sport overseas? I'm sure you've heard of Dan Lyle?
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    Re: Algie Key Leaving Also

    Gotta look at the upside; Grant could be losing players to the NBA every year via one-and-done. Instead it's either to the D-League or showing off their development at 'Bama in further obscurity.
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    Re: Engstrom Leaving the Program

    Yeah, starting power forward, San Marino Matadors - if he's not drafted No. 1 by the Lichtenstein Louvre Doors...

    Seem to recall the Swede was a pro team handball player before Grant brought him...
  13. Re: Auburn DL Tyler Nero Passes Out During Practice's "Pace" Drill

    No, but it has 22-stone front rows.

    I know this is (sorta) about the HUNH, but I'm still waiting for the yards-after-contact stats to show up in the rugby v. American football thread. Oh, wait a...
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    Re: Official NCAA Tournament Thread

    Any chance "Mama calls" and 'Bama swings a trade with Dayton for a new coach? Archie Miller, one of the three or four top young 'uns working the sideline.

    Oh, yeah: Lesson in tradition, be it...
  15. Re: American Football vs Rugby..Which Sport Is More Brutal????

    Just be thankful you weren't tabbed as the local recruiting officer for kabaddi...
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