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  1. Re: ****Official Post-Game Thread - Bama vs. AU****

    This was a painful game for me to watch when we had the ball:
    1. Can we not run an offense that sets up closer to the basket?
    2. Do we not have any quick hitters?
    3. Does anybody on staff work on...
  2. Re: Nun Gives Birth After Complaining of Stomach Cramps

    Holy Mackrel! I wonder what Pope Francis will say about this now?
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    Re: RIP Ernie Banks

    A great ambassador for the game of baseball, a classy player and individual. RIP Mr. Cub
  4. Re: Drug Testing for Unemployment Benefits.

    I have to say I agree with my friend across the isle...again.
  5. Link: Re: Alabama vs. Arkansas (Statview Game Preview)

    Bama really needs to come out of Bud Walton Arena with a win tonight after the horrible game at S.C. and the beating they took against UK. I understand losing to UK because we would have had to play...
  6. Re: Tuscaloosa's Deontay Wilder wins World Heavyweight Championship!

    Congrats to this yo ug man from T'town.
  7. Re: Tenpenny and Faciane no longer with the team

    Well wishes to both players as they move to other teams.
  8. News Article: Re: God Help This World! NJ Woman Sets Newborn Baby of Fire in the Middle of the Str

    No punishment would be too harsh for this female IMO.
  9. Re: Appears Jarran Reed is Going Pro

    I am glad he has decided to stay, smart move IMO.
  10. Re: BOL: Lance Thompson Leaving to go to Auburn

    It will be interesting to see who CNS brings in but I do look for Luposi to get one of the jobs.
  11. Game Thread Re: ****Official Game Thread - Bama vs. SC Lite****

    Atomic elbow.
  12. Re: Make your case why Bama would have won or lost against Oregon last night.

    1. We would have won if we would have ran the ball to open up the passing game.
    2. We would have won if we could have put defensive pressure on MM from different places on the field.
    3. We would...
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    Re: Congrats to B1GTide

    Congrats on the win.
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    Game Thread Re: Oregon v.s. Ohio State for the Title

    Defense has to make a stop here.
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    Re: Score, Oregon vs. OSU

    51- 42 Oregon
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