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    Re: Tony Brown (UA Track) wins 60H final.

    It appears that 7.3 is the world record in the 60 hurdles.
  2. Re: Corey Grant: Foes Better Prepared for Auburn's Offense in 2014

    add to it the fact that he Houdini took his services to the bench in Cleveland.
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    Re: Where Things Stand -- January 15, 2015

    Prince Tega snapped his leg playing basketball. Retweet by Cecil Hurt.
  4. Re: Welcome to the Off Season: Ryan Anderson Arrested for Domestic Violence

    Seems we had someone at our ball park get one of these and got his mugshot in some local paper that posted them. His bad reputation took a further shot. After folks got to talking, turns out he got...
  5. Re: Do you know (or are you) a "minimalist?

    I am moreso than my wife, but not to the extreme of some of the examples on here. My wife will pile stuff everywhere, and leave it. I fuss about. Things like old junk mail that had I gotten it out...
  6. Re: UAB fires AD and is planning to shut down UAB football program

    Word is, with a raise...
    TIFWIW, I have no proof of that.
  7. Re: UAB fires AD and is planning to shut down UAB football program

    Watts already said there wouldn't be a team this Fall. After a re-review of the Carr Sports thing, and the re-reviewers decide, there might be one in 2016.
  8. Re: Cardale Jones entering NFL draft

    Seems I heard on Finebaum this week a comment that Meyer had made concerning Jones, saying that earlier in the year he wasn't far from being off the team. From that tweet posted above, it seems he...
  9. Link: Re: Man Sells LSU Game-Worn Equipment on eBay & Goes to Jail Instead of Revealing Sou

    This is an odd statement. I see many times Bama players tossing wristbands and gloves into the stands as they re-enter the tunnel after a game. I know a kid who has 2 pair of gloves, one...
  10. Re: UAB fires AD and is planning to shut down UAB football program

    The way I understand things, the President works at the leisure of the BoT. The no confidence vote technically means nothing other than the faculty took the opportunity to say "up yours" for the way...
  11. Re: UAB fires AD and is planning to shut down UAB football program

    And the vote of no confidence in Ray Watts by the Faculty Senate just passed.
  12. Link: Re: Auburn player that was shot fired first shots.

    Maybe I'm asking a dumb question. Reading up a few posts, it says the defendant was handed a gun by "Big D". Does the felony "no guns" mean he can't own one, or can't touch one. I would think that...
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    Re: Fun JK Scott statistic

    So serious question. How much does a punter like that play into a fake punt game? Does the return team try to get the coverage unit out faster to get downfield in order to help block and therefore...
  14. Link: Re: Per ESPN-Bowl Ratings up, attendance down in first year of playoff.

    I can't disagree with you about the atmosphere. I'm glad I was at the LSU game where the stadium started rocking. That atmosphere was great. The Penn State game was great. Spending time with my...
  15. News Article: Re: Due to Their Academic Calendars, OSU has Unlimited Practice Time; Oregon has 20 H

    So do I sense you think he won't? I certainly don't think he will. I personally think he'd try to have a mild case of food poisoning hit the Ducks the morning of the game. But that's just me.
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