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    Poll: Re: The Future of Alabama Basketball

    I hope Coach Grant does well, because I like him. But I have to say, I am not even planning to go to one game this year (might do it, but no plans or tickets bought). I will watch them on TV though...
  2. Re: WVU QB Clint Trickett quits football

    Sounds like it is time to quit or past time for him.
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    Re: Sugar Bowl Tickets Face Value

    I am surprised there are plenty of seats left. It could be the limited places to stay in NO. If you plug in you want to stay for 3 nights some hotels that are "full" for one night might have...
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    Re: OSU Analysis Thread...

    I think you nailed it; If Bama plays great they will win. If Bama turns it over or plays average, Ohio St will win. But the two teams are very competitive. Bama is not good enough to win without...
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    Re: General Thought on J. Reed?

    Do not think he stays. He goes in the top three rounds, maybe higher than round 3, so he is a go. But would love to have him back.
  6. Re: Michigan taking another run at Harbaugh - $48M!

    Word on sportscenter is that he is gone from SF, but I don't understand why. Like Bamajama says they have been decimated by injuries. They are losing the best coach they probably could have.
  7. Game Thread Re: Alabama @ Wichita State at 8:00 (ESPN2) Pregame/Game Thread

    We are still in it. Best D we have played all year.
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    Re: New to the board - Gators fan - McElwain

    Everybody at Bama likes Coach Mac. I wonder if he will be in charge enough to handle the job. Time will tell, but that is the one area that is not answered as of yet. Coach Saban is always the man in...
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    Re: Bo Scarborough Practicing with the Team

    Why do people talk about him playing something other than RB? Gosh, he looks great. He may be the starter next year.
  10. Link: Re: Barn has offered Muschamp (update: supposedly has accepted)

    Give the boogers credit for enthusiasm and short memories:biggrin: Those people always see the next page as the holy grail; this time is different is the perpetual mindset of the barn.
  11. Link: Re: Barn has offered Muschamp (update: CWM has accepted)

    It is a little puzzling. He might need the money. He might just be a good fit for a barner psychologically. But to try to be fair, the barn does pay well, have lots of talent, and you can jump from...
  12. Re: Anybody watching Ala-Miss All Star Game?....

    Couldn't see it where I am. Appreciate the updates.
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    Re: 2015 prospect CeCe Jefferson

    Hope you are right; he is topnotch; but sounds like a hopeful feeling. Other places are saying that it will be a surprise if he is not a gator. But you can never count CS out when he has spent this...
  14. Re: Rick Neuheisal on Oregon and the Playoff scenario

    Don't know if Oregon can beat the semiholes but will be pulling for them. I do worry about their ability to move the ball against fsu, but fsu has not been stellar on d.
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    Re: Map shows where CFP teams recruit from

    Interesting; appreciate this
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