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  1. Re: Will you be outraged if Nick Saban is college football's first $8 Million Man?

    Maybe it should be in his contract that every year CNS brings in a top 3 recruiting class his salary bumps up a million $. Lets don't forget the asst. coaches, CNS demands a lot from them and they do...
  2. Re: More Harbaugh News - Hiring More High School Coaches of Signed Recruits

    Harbaugh is just wanting to keep his name in the headlines, I don't blame him but all this window dressing about getting one or two recruits don't amount to a hill of beans. Ohio State is still...
  3. Re: Declared 1st off season thread - Way too early top 25 2016

    Might just be me but the last 3 or so years it seems we do better playing away.
  4. Thread: Bama vs USC

    by capnfrog

    Re: Bama vs USC

    I can't believe that I forgot all about CLK being @ USCw before coming to the good guys. Don't you just know Lane wants a TD every offensive snap of the ball for Bama. I'd bet he will be running all...
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    Re: Big loss for me today...

    So sad for your as well as tidefans loss Jess. For you to speak so highly of him says volumes towards how good a person he was. God bless.
  6. Re: What was the moment when Alabama became more than a football team to you?

    1957 I think, I was about 8 years old and I asked my Uncle what was going on with all the excitement and he explained that football as we all knew it was going to change. Alabama had hired Coach Paul...
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    Re: Bama at Disney

    All week? I bet they got to stinkin.
  8. Re: Clemson players and coaches already saying they'll be back

    You would think some on here were not Ohio State fans LOL
  9. Re: Mercer Announces It will Play Alabama in 2017 and 2021

    If it's OK with CNS, It's fine with me. It will be a good game to take the family to.
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    Re: CB Nigel Knott Updates

    I wouldn't trade our recruiting for their recruiting.
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    Re: DL Rashan Gary Updates

    Yeah, if your heart ain't in Alabama
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    Re: DL Rashan Gary Updates

    Hope he's not lying awake in his cold dorm room in a couple years when we are playing for NC's thinking, "man! what have I done, that could have been Rashan Gary playing for the NC instead of playing...
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    Question: Re: 2016 ut football schedule

    I see UT only losing 3 games in 2016. Only 4 teams will give them a good game: VT, Fl, Ga, and Bama. I'd think USCe should be easy pickings. It's hard to get a handle on how good Ky. will be. No...
  14. News Article: Re: Why Alabama is Encouraged About Future of QB Blake Barnett

    If Blake Barnett runs for 1,000 yds., we best have a back up QB ready. I doubt he would last the season once the SEC defenses put a few licks on his knees. Everyone knows that white boys can't run.
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    Re: Just for fun: hashtag #bamafanproblems

    Running out of shelves to put the championship cokes on.
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