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    Re: 75 years ago today...

    I'll always be thankful for my grandmother's story of her experience on December 7, 1941. She was walking to Sunday School on Oahu when she saw the Japanese planes fly in. She thought that at first,...
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    Re: Is Mullen a good coach for Oregon?

    I can see Mullen doing well there provided that he's given time to recruit and establish connections on the West Coast. Will Oregon give him that time? We'll see.
  3. Re: Pentagon buries $125B in bureaucratic waste in fear of having budget slashed

    Sounds like just my friends who work for various missile defense agencies on Redstone Arsenal. The price they pay to actually do their jobs and come under budget on a project. Seems like the same...
  4. Re: Each California household owes $93K for state pensions

    California has stricter gas evironment standards than other states, so when they switch over to the summer blends gas, it is more expensive for the refineries to produce them. Also, there's an oil...
  5. News Article: Re: Why Lane Kiffin isn't a slam dunk to get a head coaching job

    I was only a fan of his recruiting/playcalling possibilities, but his actions (even the Twitter stuff, as funny as they may be) point to an immaturity issue that he has not resolved. My thing on...
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    Re: 2016-2017 Coaching Carousel

    I agree 100%. Not sure it would've kept up with Clemson in the 2016 NC game either...
  7. Re: Rivalry Weekend - Any wishes for other results?

    I don't think that if PSU wins the B1G championship, that they'll be put into the playoffs. I also don't think they would put in a 2-loss OSU or UM team with no division or conference championship.
  8. Re: Rivalry Weekend - Any wishes for other results?

    I'll be going to USC-ND game with family of USC graduates, so for positive car rides around Los Angeles, go Trojans.

    In the B1G, I'm hoping for any scenario where OSU loses out on playing in the...
  9. Link: Re: LSU offers Jimbo Fisher (or is it Tom Herman)?

    Not only that, but he also mentioned that he or his representatives didn't meet with anyone yesterday, including LSU...
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    Re: Official: Iron Bowl at 2:30 CBS

    I'll be in and around the USC campus in Los Angeles that day. Hopefully I can catch it somewhere while my family preps for USC-Notre Dame. I'll be the guy in the stands wearing the Alabama gear.
  11. Re: What so many people don't get about the working class

    As CA said, I think the media (and HRC's campaign) grossly underestimated that people, particularly the middle class, do not care as much about these peripheral issues as they do about their jobs,...
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    Link: Re: JK Scott NOT a Ray Guy Semifinalist

    I think this happened to USC's Tom Malone the year USC steamrolled through their competition (particularly on offense) in 2005. Malone was an excellent punter who could boom the ball high like Scott...
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    Game Thread: Re: Deep South's Oldest Rivalry: Barn @ UGA

    I do see this side of it, but part of me thinks that Gus didn't put Franklin to not give Saban et al. anymore film to prep for the Iron Bowl.
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    Re: Best/coolest actual animal mascot

    Ralphie the Buffalo wins it for me. However, if Michigan had a real wolverine or Wisconsin had a real badger, that'd win as well. Maybe a wolverine vs. badger pregame fight?
  15. Link: Re: Could be a cold winter in the Southeast...

    Well, it has been awfully similar to Orange County weather for awhile. Where in OC does she live?
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