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  1. Re: The Joyless Triumph of Nick Saban (Finebaum book excerpt)

    I like it. Although Finebaum says Saban is not chasing Bryant's 6 national titles, I think that's a motivator for him. I think he's got a couple more in him before he decides to take a rest!
  2. JessN: Re: 2014 Previews: Projected SEC standings and top 25

    It sure is. Alabama lost 4 games that McCarron started, and 2 of those were due to abject failure in the kicking game. A third (OU Sugar Bowl) was a direct result of one of the kicking game...
  3. Poll: Re: Your "Most Appreciated" Saban National Championship Team

    Definitely 2009. The guys that brought back the glory! And doing it in the Rose Bowl against a team we'd never beaten before was icing on the cake. Plus the SEC game that made Tebow cry is one of...
  4. Re: Bama Gymnastics:Live Scoring at NCAA Championships

    Any update? Hoping the Bama ladies can bring another title home to T-Town!!
  5. Re: Statistics from this year, compared to all of Saban's other teams at Bama

    Turnover margin really dropped off this year. Still on the plus side, but just barely. Also, it looks like out cut-off for a national title is no more than 12 point per game allowed on defense. ...
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    Game Thread Re: ***2014 BCSNCG*** Florida State vs. Auburn

    Auburn's winning this game with defense. Pass rush is relentless. FSU just getting abused right now. It's SEC football at its finest - but makes me sick that Auburn is the team doing it.
  7. Re: Nobody has ever stayed "on top" for longer than 3 to 5 years

    Really hoping our run's not over just yet. It's been a lot of fun - 2010 and 2013 included!
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    Re: Ending to the season no surprise

    I think we all hoped that the team had jelled for a championship run after making LSU quit in the 4th quarter of what had been a competitive game. But instead, the wheels seemed to fall off...
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    Re: Cyrus Kouandjio stock

  10. Link: Re: Give Florida State and Auburn their due, but Alabama still best team

    Talk about bad timing. Any argument about Bama being the "best team" was pretty well incinerated in the Super Dome last night. FSU would pick that Bama secondary apart, particularly with the lack of...
  11. JessN: View Post

    Great summary as always. Thanks for this and all the great analysis you provide year-in and year-out. The last 5 or 6 years have been a golden age for Bama football, but it does seem to have grown...
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    Re: Possible 5 year state monopoly on NC

    I can't pull for either of those teams. I'll just find a little gratification when one of them suffers a very painful loss . . .
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    Link: Re: McCarron's Lasting Legacy

    Very nice tribute. McCarron is a champion and has earned his lofty spot in Bama history. Thanks, AJ, from a life-long Bama fan -- it's been a pleasure and a privilege cheering you on! There's never...
  14. Re: End to one of the strangest years I can remember

    Put this season in the column with 1989, 2008, and maybe a few others in which the record was quite good and yet the whole thing just leaves me feeling dismally unsatisfied. Looking back, I thought...
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    Re: ****Bama Vs. OU Postgame Thread****

    Well it turns out to be sort of a season to forget. Really appreciate this senior class though. Lots of wins, titles, and memories - thanks!
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