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  1. Re: Really Hope Bama gets the ball in the right guys hands this year...

    Knock knock.
    Who's there?
    Interrupting pirate.
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    Re: Is This Board Broken?

    Whatchu talking bout Willis?
  3. Re: AL Man Goes in for Circumcision & Wakes to Find Penis Amputated

    They should hire a private detective to find out what happened...
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    Link: Re: Stoops tired of Bama's Sugar Bowl excuses.


    This guy?

    Or this guy?
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    Re: Saban on First Take on ESPN2 now

    Even the best coach of this generation cannot MAKE guys FEEL motivated. It is just not that simple to do on a year-to-year, game-to-game basis. Different team make-ups, personalities, chemistries,...
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    Re: SEC Pre(diction) Season : Ole Miss

    So you possibly see Ole Miss as 11-1? Wow... That would be rarified air for them.
  7. Re: Another one gone, and another one gone (A&M)

    Thinking out loud, but if you lose guys that have experience on a bad defense, is that considered a bad thing?

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    Has anyone checked the "Customer" sections on any of the major players for storage or hard drive sales (direct or resell)? I wonder if any government agency logos have recently been removed... Haha.
  9. Re: A "What If" Thread: What if CNS had stayed at LSU? Where would Bama be now?

    I think in recruiting alone, you'd see an obvious, astronomical, exponential difference. Take Mississippi State's weekend, and their slew of commits. Go look up the names. At least 3 of those guys...
  10. Re: Alabama might implement 2-quarterback system in 2014

    I don't disagree, but it's a good weapon to have. I was glad to have such an option vs South Carolina a few years ago (Mark Ingram). :biggrin2:
  11. Re: Alabama might implement 2-quarterback system in 2014

    If you read between the lines on his comments, I don't think he's counting on Blake being the starter. But he does seem open to having a package for him. That's not a 2-QB system any more than...
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    Re: Saban's Discipline philosophy

    He also pointed out, in an interview with Finebaum, something that he has shared previously. He said that if you have a problem with your child, you don't just kick the kid out of the family. You do...
  13. Link: Re: AL Made a Top 10 List (sort of) - Top 10 Candidates for Most Politically Boring S

    Actually, I like my politics and politicians boring. That means there's not drama or stupidity floating around, embarrassing the whole state... Wait, they said Alabama politics were boring??

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    Re: Thug U (Miami) dismisses 2 players

    My very first thought was FSU, and their approach to a similar case (or lack thereof).
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    Re: Kenyan Drake Arrested

    Ah, there's one. J/k

    Not saying we don't, just pointing out that we seem to lose a running back every couple of months. At least we haven't lost Drake, yet.

    Kenyan, if you're reading...Let's...
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