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    Re: Trevor Lacey

    Lacey has put together a terrific season. His performance with NCSt has been exactly what we thought he would do with us when he committed to us. Good for him though, he's found something better for...
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    Game Thread Re: Oregon v.s. Ohio State for the Title

    The only good thing about not having a dog in the hunt is the ability to just enjoy the game without worrying about the outcome. I don't care who wins, I just hope it's a great game.
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    Re: Who are you pulling for in the NC game?

    I like Helfrich, and I think Mariota is the most complete player in the country both on the field and off. With that said, I have no preference. I wouldn't mind seeing Oregon win for that reason...
  4. Re: Bored:Who thinks the offense will evolve from last year? What the changes may be

    I would imagine there will be fewer designed quarterback runs, you'll probably see a willingness to go deep with a bit more frequency. There will be less dependency on one particular player with...
  5. Re: Anybody else watching Trent Richardson's NFL career go down the drain?

    Per twitter, Trent is inactive for today's game. It's obvious the colts have completely given up on him, and at this point that might not be a bad call. I've been a huge apologist for Trent, but his...
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    Link: Re: Miss St's McKinney to enter NFL Draft.

    Ole Miss will still have a darn good defense, but I think their offense will take a step back. If they were having to reach out to Chad Kelly as a quarterback option, that tells me that they don't...
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    Link: Re: Winston going pro

    Every mock draft I've seen has him going #2 to the Titans. I just can't see him having a particularly extensive career. He reminds me of a Vince Young type player. Great collegiate athlete, but will...
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    Re: R.I.P ESPN's Stuart Scott

    Big loss in the sports world. Scott was one of the great sportscasters of his time. It's a shame to see anyone go that young.
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    Re: Can someone explain the NO Safety for me?


    It wasn't a safety because we pulled the quarterback into the end zone and then brought him down. He was struggling still, but his forward progress had stopped at the 1 yard line prior to...
  10. Re: Congrats to Ohio State and Thanks for the exciting season, Bama!!! Roll Tide Roll

    It was a season to remember with an ending to forget. This is one loss where there are no excuses that can be made, or reasons given. We just straight up got beat at our own game. Congratulations to...
  11. Re: ****Official Game Thread - Bama vs. Ohio State - 2nd Half****

    No, Jackson just tripped. I've never seen a secondary have so many blown coverages because a defender couldn't keep his feet. It's a head scratcher to me.
  12. Re: ****Official Game Thread - Bama vs. Ohio State - 2nd Half****

    Ragland brings the Boooommm!!
  13. Game Thread Re: ****Official Game Thread - Bama vs. Ohio State****

    I don't mean that we don't finish. I'm referring specifically to big lead situations. I even said as much. I know we finish, I even said we'd do it again tonight. We just shouldn't be in this...
  14. Game Thread Re: ****Official Game Thread - Bama vs. Ohio State****

    We will still win this game. We are a physically better team than Ohio State, and it will show in the 2nd half. WE have been our own worst enemy, and it's coming back to bite us, but we will be okay....
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    Game Thread Re: Rose Bowl: let's see who survives to The Big D

    What a beautiful rendition of the national anthem! That was first class, and one of the best I've ever seen. Well done Oregon
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