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  1. Re: Florida RB Adam Lane Jr craps his pants against ECU

    Watched this several times and I still don't know what the big stink is about it!
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    Re: Lou Holtz/Notre Dame

    Notre Dame has always started the season in the Top 4. But they don't ever finish there.
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    Re: AirAsia Airbus lost with 162 on board

    It appears that they fly planes about as well as they drive cars in that part of the world!
  4. Re: Interesting Stat - Saban in title games

    8 - 1 by my calculations. Still incredibley good.
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    Re: Big party this weekend, seebell?

    That's not all Crisco can be used for!
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    ADMIN NOTE: Re: New Ebola thread reset...

    That's not a good practice at all with or without ebola. Who wants more warthog gumbo???
  7. Re: An excerpt from Lars Anderson's New Book 'The Storm and the Tide'

    I always thought Lars would write better than Arn and Gene. But not Ollie.
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    Re: The real down side of the Iron Bowl

    The younger sister is always the way to go!
  9. Re: Ebola 'Totally Out of Control,' Doctors Without Borders Says

    Of all the ways a deadly virus can spread, the transfer of bodily fluids has got to be the funnest!!
  10. Link: Re: Search warrant for millionaire's home reveals disturbing details into investigati

    I feel like I need to gargle gasoline after reading that.
  11. Re: HUNH, No Substitutions, Fatigue and Sports Injuries

    I also don't remember anyone on here complaining about more injuries due to the extra game that was added to the schedule 10 years or so ago. Or the SEC Championship game.
  12. Re: HUNH, No Substitutions, Fatigue and Sports Injuries

    I'm not saying that Coach Saban is a liar or doesn't believe that the HUNH offense causes more injuries. I do find it disingenious to field a team with bigger, stronger, faster and harder hitting...
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    Re: Athlons pre seaeon top 25

    Oklahoma would have to be ahead of us.
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    Re: Revisting the last Iron Bowl

    While Saban is the best recruiter in the business, possibly ever, he's only about mid pack as a game day coach. He wins with better talent and preparation. Nothing wrong with that! But in 7 seasons...
  15. Re: McElroy's Take On AJ's A-Day Game Comment

    Greg McElroy should be an expert on this subject.
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