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    Re: Slick field - one of their trick plays?

    Last time I seen that much slipping around for no reason wesson oil and visqueen was involved. the barn cheated got away with it as usual and it backfired. none of the players were hurt for Bama...
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    Link: Re: Futuristic uniforms

    What no white helmets?
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    Re: Tired of the one loss SEC argument

    Remember the media is tired of the SEC and the BCS. They are foaming at the mouth right now knowing there is a good chance they can keep the SEC out of the BCSNCG. This is a good reason *U didn't...
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    Question: Re: A fumble that goes out of bounds?

    A lateral out of bounds would be an incomplete pass. a fumble is marked where it goes out of bounds.
  5. Re: BCS Countdown. Pollack & Palmer imply Fla St > Bama.

    Didn't they hype up LSU 2 years ago? How about Notre Dame last year? Weren't both of those teams suppose to give Bama a battle for the National Championship? These announcers are just talking to hear...
  6. News Article: Re: Three Alabama games land in ESPN's top 5 from 2012, will be re-aired later this m

    I have U-Verse and they carry the longhorn network. I was surprised they show the 2009 championship game. They had it by itself and again about their season.
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    Re: Yellow Helmets on A-Day

    They were hiding next years WHITE helmets. Just checking fit and durability before they are placed in
  8. Link: Re: Study: Want to Get Drafted in the NFL? Go to Kentucky, Not Alabama!

    but its still "JUST" Kentucky. RTR
  9. Link: Re: Ohio State Football Celebrates 12-0 Season with "12-0" Rings

    Am I reading some of the comments here correctly? Did I read a few that stated since tOSU didn't win the B1G they wouldn't play for the BCSNC? What would make them any different then us the prior...
  10. Link: Re: Just when I thought a group of fans couldn't get any sorrier...

    They degrade Reuben Foster in the thread along with stating Bama only went after him because his father will be in jail. Do they not realize their own coaching staff was after him too? The Barn stole...
  11. Link: Re: Typical classy Tubbs, from the Lubbock paper

    I guess its still a step higher than Franchione
  12. Re: What Is Bama's Greatest National Championship Performance? (Modern era)

    I would say '92 has had the best impact and 2011 was flat out fun to watch. Has anyone else noticed that Miami's team has not been the same since the '92 embarrassment?
  13. JessN: Re: Bama’s newest holiday tradition: Shooting down Saban rumors

    this also reminds me of the Bob Stoops rumors of years past
  14. JessN: Re: Bama’s newest holiday tradition: Shooting down Saban rumors

    I believe this is what CNS calls "CLUTTER"
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    Re: Dynasty status recognition by the NCAA

    I heard there was a ying and a yang dynasty.. Oh wait, didn't someone mention Joan Collins? Lets get back to that Dynasty. I think that's more interesting ;)
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