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  1. Re: At 4:00 am this morning my wife understood why we own (loaded) guns.

    Ah, nothing like a "teaching moment" before sunrise.

    Glad it turned out to be nothing serious.
  2. Link: Re: Graphic Video: Hero Cat Saves Kid From Vicious Dog Attack

    I've certainly witnessed dogs that "snap." I used to have a Golden Retriever, one of the most gentle breeds there is, and he lost his ever-loving' mind when I got pregnant with our second child. He...
  3. Link: Re: Graphic Video: Hero Cat Saves Kid From Vicious Dog Attack

    Super Kitty to the rescue.

    Love my two cats. At least one of them would do the same thing. He's a Russian Blue and part honey badger, I swear. The other one is an orange tabby that would...
  4. Re: Derrick Henry has created quite the buzz with his new car picture on instagram

    Oh, now there you go talking foolishness. ;)
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    Re: Combos add on TF?

    If the ads offend thee, PM BamaNation. :)

    And godspeed.
  6. News Article: Re: Interesting article on Jameis - sort of points up some of the problems...

    Stupidity and a sense of entitlement make for a dangerous combination. And I'm talking about both JW and his father. :rolleyes:
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    Re: Hello, I'm New to the board

    Welcome! I appreciate the username. ;)
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    Re: Y'all Congratulate Ol' RTR91...

  9. Re: Question about health insurance claims

    Jessica, most physicians will work with you on a payment plan. In the future, make certain you are always clear on ALL COSTS of service ahead of time. I know it's an inconvenience, but being an...
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    Re: Mothers Day wishes

    Thanks and happy Mama's Day to my fellow TF mothers as well. That goes for you men who play for role of both dad AND mom. I know you're out there and I know it's not an easy thing.
  11. Link: Re: Happy Mother's Day to all TideFan moms!

    Thanks, Boo! Y'all be good to your mamas today.
  12. Link: Re: 11 Weird Food Combinations Alabamians Eat

    Banana sandwiches, salted peanuts in Coke, and mixing up PB&J and putting it on Ritz crackers are some of the greatest memories of my childhood. My grandmother loved cornbread, Ritz crackers or...
  13. Re: Well, my stepson is in NYC at Saturday Night Live...

    How fun! I learned of that band on Howard Stern. One of the staffers kept wanting him to have them on and he wouldn't do it because he wasn't familiar with their music. They finally got on his...
  14. Link: Re: Interesting stand on standardized testing - by a 14 yr old...

    The only way something like this makes any difference is if the kid can get ALL (or at least a VERY large number) of students to refuse the test. One kid does not a "protest" make. If she was so...
  15. News Article: Re: Disgrace: Phoenix VA Dumps Sick Veterans Into 'Secret Waiting Lists,' Some Die

    VHA (Veterans Health Administration) is like every other branch of our bureaucratic system - inefficient, full of fraud/waste/abuse, and far more concerned with counting beans than with actually...
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