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  1. Re: Knoxville roll call. Who all are braving the sea of Orange?

    Yep, my wife and I are going with another couple. My fraternity little sister and her son, and 2 other couples from my church here in T-town are going as well.. My 3rd visit to Neyland and my wife's...
  2. Re: 2014 NCAA Playoff-Can they keep Alabama out now?

    Bama has to not just win out, but do it convincingly. Do we really want to leave the decision to a bunch of eggheads with slide rules? The only sure path is for Ole Miss to lose to Miss State( or 2...
  3. Re: Georgia Suspends Todd Gurley for NCAA Violations

    The difference between Gurley and that other well known player is one seems to be a good kid, the other seems to be an unrepentant thug.

    As far as the money made off of these kids, I disagree with...
  4. Thread: Tent sales

    by Rama Jama

    Re: Tent sales

    The university supply store will be set up on the quad and they will have just about everything you could want. The main supply store in the Ferguson center will have plenty as well. Alabama Book...
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    Re: What's wrong with the offensive line?

    There are several reasons why we are not playing up to our potnetial on the O-line.
    Arky loaded the box to stop the run because they know if they double Amari, we have trouble finding another...
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    Re: ****Bama vs. Hogs Postgame Headache Thread****

    Agree, the O-line sucked all day. Our rushing total may be an all time low. I have questioned Cristobal before, but now I think the O-line is the major difference in our play this last 2 years. ...
  7. Re: Gary Danielson says it's not Alabama, but rest of SEC, that's different. Link

    Agree. We have several problems that are a result of our success.
    1) We attract great players who have the goal of being in the NFL and many have the talent to back it up. The really good ones...
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    Re: Kenya Drake Appreciation Thread

    I am afraid you are right.
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    Re: Defensive Question

    Yes, I think we need to simplify the defense sometimes. They weren't going that fast. We simply lined up incorrectly or blew assignments in the secondary. Landon Collins is usually a great player,...
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    Re: Ole Miss Starting the Trash Talk Already

    Brando sees his beloved LSU tiggers are down this year so he has to spew rubbish on the best team. He has always hated Bama and takes any opportunity to put us down.

    The Ole Miss game worries me...
  11. Re: Malzahn Whines About Refs Slowing Pace in KSU Win

    The irony of this is that the boogs were stealing signs thoughout the 1st half. I realize Kstate should have been more aware, but jeesh. Auburn has been on borrowed time for a while now. KState...
  12. Link: Re: Update: Jameis winston out whole clemson game!!!!!!!

    So where is the 7 million coming from. He is not getting any money until he goes pro which very well may not be this year. His stock is dropping like a rock and with the NFL's new found emphasis in...
  13. Link: Re: Strong is cleaning house at Texas. Kicks 9th player off team.

    Guz Malzahn says "boom".

    They can come play for him at the West Georgia Home for Wayward Football Players.
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    Re: Michigan's Offense

    Nuss was not a bad play caller, Kiffin is just better. I think where Nuss may have not been as good is in the area of QB development. Kiffin is obviously a very, very good QB coach. We have recruited...
  15. Re: Remember when a coach yelled at players, not the refs? (Gus and the HUNH)

    I totally agree. It dummies down the game to where it is no longer a chess match, but a peewee league game. It is not what the game was meant to be. Unfortunately ESPN thinks it is good for...
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