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  1. Re: Suspended Ole Miss starting defensive end

    No reputable source, this one looks like a rumor. Shutting it down until we have confirmation from a real source.
  2. Re: I don't think there's any chance Hoke can survive 'The Shane Morris Incident'...

    I'm assuming that since you're asking the question re: GM, you don't actually recall or know the story as it played out. Completely different situation, but feel free to continue with the...
  3. Re: Ohio State coach body slams idiot who ran on the field

    Dude's just lucky it wasn't Scott Cochran that grabbed hold of him...
  4. Re: I don't think there's any chance Hoke can survive 'The Shane Morris Incident'...

    Then he must be blind.
  5. I don't think there's any chance Hoke can survive 'The Shane Morris Incident'...

    To leave a player in the game after this, then put him back in is inexplicable. Hoke is either an idiot, or a despicable human being. I don't think he can survive this one...
  6. Link: Re: College Majors that make the most money

    Speaking of bad memories...
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    ADMIN NOTE: Re: New Ebola thread reset...

    Dallas hospital has patient quarantined due to showing signs of potential Ebola infection...
  8. Re: Auburn Has The "Gus Bus" & We Have The Lane Train..Check Out This Picture

    *places hands over eyes and repeats "I DID NOT READ THAT" loudly over and over*
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    Re: Our talent level

    I honestly don't think anyone in CFB can do that, not if Bama if playing well.
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    Re: Recommended Dining In Tuscaloosa

    Head over to Northport and hit Archibald's for some killer Q.

    Wright's is my favorite breakfast place, hit that every time I'm in town.
  11. Re: Ole Miss - Memphis Brawl: Could Ole Miss Have Players Suspended?
  12. Re: Normandy daily - 1944

    September 29, 1944: On the Western Front, Canadian troops capture Cape Gris Nez near Calais, France; the Germans and Canadians in the region agree on a 24-hour truce so that civilians in the area can...
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    Re: Ole Miss Starting the Trash Talk Already

    Close. They had special 'Chucky Mullins' helmets done - replacing the OM logo with '38' on all their helmets, only to find at the last minute that they violated some NCAA rule and couldn't be used,...
  14. Link: Re: AP voter has 3 SEC West teams ahead of Bama.

    Who cares? Bama takes care of business on the field and this isn't an issue.
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    Re: Ole Miss/Blake question

    OM is a good opener for away SEC play as the stadium is about half the size of BDS.

    IOW, not worried about it, especially considering 10k or more will be Bama fans...
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