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    Re: Trey DePriest Out for WVU

    I heard that his Dad accepted $150,000 and assorted renovations to his church.
  2. Re: We Want Bama

    I have really enjoyed watching the Women's Softball this year. Humble suggestion to all the fans who only watch Football and Basketball, give this and the Men's Golf a look. If you are really a...
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    Link: Re: NCAA Men's Golf Championship

    No worries today. The Stanford Homers will have to talk about us. Remember Notah Begay played with Tiger at Stanford.
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    Re: My thoughts on NFL Draft so far...

    How many of these players would start at Bama?
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    Link: Re: Tennessee a Toxic Program

    The basketball job should be very appealing. Knoxville is a nice city with a good size population. They also have a nice arena. I do not think that losing Martin is a very big deal. There are...
  6. Re: Auburn DL Tyler Nero Passes Out During Practice's "Pace" Drill

    Manny Fernandez NG 6-1 250 1972 Miami Dolphins. Show me where we have any d-line players who are 250lbs.
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    Their attorney Steve Farese is a big time attorney around Memphis. He is either doing this pro bono or somebody else is footing the bill. His services are way out of the Nkemdichie budget. I...
  8. Link: Re: Dee Hart arrested for possession of marijuana and giving false information

    Have we heard anything new on this?
  9. News Article: Re: Does Saban run the world, or just college football?

    Proof positive! If he was in control of Sasquatch, we would have a 7'9" 687lb hairy nose guard!
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    Re: Kevin Steele is Now the Linebacker Coach

    Who is our "kickers coach"?
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    Re: OL Braden Smith Flips To Auburn??

    I always welcome opposing views. My vote is you are always welcome on our board.
  12. Re: 2014 DB Kalvaraz Bessent switches commitment to Aurburn

  13. Re: It appears Luke Del Rio is leaving

    Coker will be a Grad Student and my guess is that he is quite a bit smarter than Marshall.
  14. Re: Nussmeier to Michigan

    I have family in Manhattan Beach. I do know that the Kiffin house was put up for sale last week. So endeth my insider information. Also for more inane and unrelated information, the Kiffins live...
  15. Re: Safety C.J. Hampton Updates (Ole Miss Commit)

    According to the Ole Sis Brown Bear Nation, Saban and the rest of the SEC are huge underdogs to the Rebels in2014. They are already packing thier bags for Glendale and the BCSNCG.
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