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    Re: Sunday afternoon will be very interesting

    I agree, but I think the order will be #1 OU #2 Bama #3 FSU #4 tOSU. The Rose Bowl wants OU vs. tOSU. The Sugar Bowl wants Bama vs. FSU. That would be a dream for the ptb of the bowls and...
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    Re: Ellis Johnson out at Auburn


    It wasn't so much the coach as it was the personnel. That's why it's called a football team. You can't lean to extremes on either side of the ball. Auburn was all offense and no D....
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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. ISU****

    Well, I didn't get to watch the game for personal reasons, but reading the box score pretty much tells the story. We were out rebounded by three, out scored in the paint by ten, they shot 58% and...
  4. Re: ESPN is going hard for the Buckeyes to be included in the playoff

    Disagree. If (and that's a big if) everyone wins out, and MSU, tOSU, Baylor and TCU are vying for that last spot, you'd have 12-1 Big-10 champ tOSU, 11-1 Big-12 champ Baylor, 11-1 MSU who not only...
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    Re: W. Carolina Versus Bama

    I thought we looked like a better team than last year.

    Our inside defense was OK, as there weren't nearly as many easy layups and easy shots inside as last year. Of course that may change as our...
  6. Re: ACC Commissioner John Swofford Already Calling for 8 Team Playoff

    Yeah, that would make a lot of people happy and a lot of people rich at the same time. ESPN is paying over 600 million per year too televise three playoff games. What would seven playoff games per...
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    Re: November 18 (week 4) CFP poll released

    It's easy too be "fair" when it doesn't count. We'll see how "fair" they are in a few weeks. ;)
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    Re: Week 4 CFP poll released

    IMO if both tOSU and MSU win out there's no way the committee will put in an 11-1 non champ and even non division winner MSU over a 12-1 Big-10 champ. Remember Okie St. and Bama ? That's what led to...
  9. Re: The Weekly Standard Has a Very Interesting Article on the CFP Committee


    Does anyone believe that this 12 member committee knows more about football and can judge college football teams better than the 150+ voters (current coaches, former coaches, former...
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    Re: No call on LSU pass interference in end zone

    Officiating is the "go to" excuse for many losing fans. Check out any losing team's board after a game (yes, even this one), be it football or bball, and there's always threads whining about the...
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    Re: Season prediction

    I think the OP has it about right. IMO we win about 15. Anything over that is a plus, and under that is a minus. I personally think that with the new additions and without TR, they will be forced to...
  12. Re: Rank Teams By Easiest Path Remaining To The Playoffs

    And the flip side of that is the toughest conference is not represented. Suppose Bama, MSU, and Auburn all end up with two losses and no team from the SEC gets in? Then some one wins a nc for what...
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    Re: Nightmare SEC west 5-way tie

    It's not so far fetched, and that's exactly what a lot of fans around the country are hoping for. Look at it...
    LSU goes 3-0 : home against Bama, at TAM and Arky
    Auburn goes 1-1 : wins at UGA and...
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    Re: Week 1 College football playoff poll released

    How could anyone know how much value will be placed on conference championships? There are none yet.
    How could anyone know how much a team will be devalued by not playing? No one has not played yet....
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    News Article: Re: Best shot at Playoff for 1 Loss Team

    Three of the final four from the SEC ? We all know that ain't happening barring some very unusual circumstances. Can you imagine the whining if we had another all SEC rematch in the ncg ? :)

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