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    Re: Auburn 2013 National Champions

    2004They lost that title when we almost beat them in T-town with a well below average team. Heck, if we could have done anything offensively in the first half we win.
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    Link: Re: Reporting Rolando Planning a Comeback

    Hope he gets it together. One heck of a player for sure.
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    Re: Altee TenPenny in trouble with the law

    I think CO will be a hot spot for spring breakers over the next few years....LOL I wish no barn players would get arrested because each time one does.......
  4. Re: Greg McElroy announces his NFL retirement via Twitter

    My 2 Cents: UA needs to hire Greg and put him in the Athletic Dept. in a capacity that will train him in all of the facets of running a Big Time program. He has the business degrees and sports...
  5. Thread: Prayer Request

    by bamamc1

    Re: Prayer Request

    Prayers for a full recovery. May God be with your son, family, and medical team.
  6. Link: Re: Former Alabama O-lineman Kellen Williams calls in to Finebaum Show

    Prof, you are exactly right. When we hired CNS Finebaum said we would win a national title in 4 years. He missed it by one. I think Finebaum likes and respects Coach Saban. Finebaum is a genius at...
  7. Question: Re: Is Calling Coach Bryant 'The Bear" ok with Everyone?

    I went to high school and played ball with the children of Jimmy Wilson, Johnny Calvert, Jimmy Kent and Tommy Israel. None of them nor their children called him anything but Coach Bryant. Enough...
  8. Link: Re: Dee Hart arrested for possession of marijuana and giving false information said he had not been with the team since the bowl game
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    Re: Bucket Step Bob Hired at Okie St.

    If I were Brodie Croyle I would punch him right in the mouth.
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    Re: *** LB Rashaan Evans Commits to Alabama ***

    In other news, a distraught man with a paper bag was arrested outside of auburn high school around 10:47 AM this morning. Police said the bag contained a large amount of cash. LOL RTR
  11. Re: Whats with all the negative AJ comments lately?

    We should have all seen this (2013) coming back last year at this time. We had 4 players arrested and kicked out of school. It was evident then there was a little lacking from the ground up. I...
  12. Link: Re: Three Departing Players Explain What Went Wrong in 2013

    Post of the Year so far in 2014. Pot meet Kettle
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    Re: Tide Sports Reporting Tony Brown Arrest

    I think we would all do well in instances like these to wait for CNS to comment. If he thinks you are past all hope as a person, not just a football player, you will be gone from the program. We...
  14. Re: Db coach to step down!!

    Looks like we're getting the band band together.
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    Re: A-Day Game Time Announced

    I'll be there. RTR
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