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  1. Link: Re: Are spring games like "A Day" going by the wayside? (Link)

    Why not scrimmage another team?
  2. Re: An observation about Auburn fans and the Alabama/Auburn relationship.

    We don't have to base our entire existence around them like they do us, but still, they are our biggest rival. It's not tennessee. It didn't suddenly change to LSU just because Saban came from there....
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    Re: New BCS rankings released...

    Even if we did lose to the barn, I'd say we stay in the bcs hunt.BUT Bama not losing, so let's get that crap out of our head. Roll tide
  4. Link: Re: Ohio State wide receiver says Buckeyes would 'wipe the field' with Alabama and FS

    They have to get in the national media some. A little silly of him tho
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    Link: Re: Unbelievable WSJ article...

    Yep. That was total Bull. Begging teams to beat the Tide. It will happen at some point and some idiot will say they predicted it.
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    Re: Pick the Score: Tennessee vs. Alabama

    Bama 66 Burn in hell o
  7. Re: Gene Wojciechowski's slick little comments that he makes every week

    That's who I thought too. Must not be a significant person
  8. Re: ut and va tech agree to play at Bristol in 2016

    Brutus has been trying to get this particular game for a decade now
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    Re: Yellow Flag to the Eye

    Seems I remember that player suing and being awarded some $$$
  10. Re: Former Bama Safety Rashad Johnson has Gruesome Injury

    Exactly what I thinking. Still nasty tho
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    Re: Stadium crowd yesterday/student seating

    One of the first shots I saw of the swamp showed many upper deck empties, and this was Florida vs utk
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    Re: ****Bama vs. CSU Game Thread 2nd Half****

    Not impressed at ALL. Just shows how bad A and M D is. I can't figure who the dominant team is this year. Certainly not anyone from SEC. I hope I eat my words RTR
  13. News Article: Re: comments Finebaum: "I think the nation will be pulling for Johnny Manziel ... but

    That is what I'm getting too
  14. Re: Oregon vs. Tennessee, who do you pull for?

    Can not and will not pull for the viles. Exceptions to every rule, but this is not even close to that.
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    Re: Bill Synder letter to NDSU quarterback

    With all the tweets, facebook, # tags, etc. The written word (notes/letters) are going away :( Well done coach Snyder. Takes a little more effort and attention.
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