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    Re: Virginia Tech Player Slaps Official

    I mean, the referee was Ron 'Givin Him The Business' Cherry, so it kinda makes sense.
  2. Re: Is Arizona the "Bama of scheduling" in Pac12?

    I got to thinking, and after looking at travel distances and scheduling for the Hawaii Football team this year, Rich Rod can put a cork in it.

    Hawaii kicked off the season at home vs Colorado,...
  3. Re: Recruiting 2016: Bama’s QB targets have common characteristic

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    Re: Coaching Search: Names Not considered

    Names not considered? How about Mark Gottfried? ;)
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    Re: UA athletic Dept Posts $33m Profit

    Just as a side note: The Auburn president makes 2.5+ million/Yr... Why?
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    Re: New Hampshire vs UT Chattanooga

    Intercepted after a promising drive for the Mocs
  7. Re: Mississippi State v. Alabama (As called by Eli Gold)

    I would assume that it works with any audio source. However, based on what I have read, I would think that you couldn't stream it from your iPhone and still use the app on the same device to create...
  8. Re: Mississippi State v. Alabama (As called by Eli Gold)

    After posing this question yesterday, my interest piqued and I started scouring the internet looking for anything that could delay output from a headphone jack on a radio and push it back out to a...
  9. Re: Mississippi State v. Alabama (As called by Eli Gold)

    Hooks, this is incredible. Thank you for your hard work.

    Any suggestions for listening and synching Eli's broadcast with the video from whatever network broadcasts it? (Live)
  10. Link: Re: Navy Seal Who Inspired "Lone Survivor" to Meet with the Team Today

    It's not an Alabama/Mississippi thing. From what I understand this move was made because it's Veterans week.

    I think it's awesome.
  11. Re: Week 1 College football playoff poll released

    A four-point depiction of the footprint of the current top 4 for the college playoff. Thought it might be interesting to some.

    (Please forgive the crudeness of the image. I just drew it on my...
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    Question: Re: Upset ALERT! Who ya got going down?

    Just to clarify: game is in Oxford.

    And I agree.
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    Re: Coach Saban's comments affect me

    Look, a'ight. I don't use any of the terminology Coach uses. I just do what I need to do to improve relative to my recent progress and focus on what Is needed in order to be successful. The rest is...
  14. Re: I just don't get it...

    Unless we're playing in the Superdome, and it's not a rematch from earlier in the season.
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    Re: Connect The Post

    Badge number
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