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  1. Re: Welcome to the Off Season: Ryan Anderson Arrested for Domestic Violence

    Don't know what to say, other than a deep sigh. :(
  2. Re: ATH Kerryon Johnson Commits to Auburn (Update: Page 6)

    Guys, I wouldn't get my hopes up. IMO, this is a mere formality, nothing more. From what I understand, Bama has recruited him primarily as a RB but the Aubs will say they're recruiting him as an...
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    Re: Mike Bobo to pursue Colorado State job

    Such a clunker of a candidate. TERRIBLE coach. Colorado State would do well to pass on him.
  4. Re: JUCO DT DJ Jones Update (FSU Commit)

    You forgot "The Admiral Akhbars" (Loved that one, it's the one they SHOULD'VE gone with)
  5. Link: Re: Fotu T. Leiato (Steilacoom, WA) - 2014 Highlights

    Impressive looking kid. WAY, WAY too small to play LB but could be a good safety. Obviously, with the hair, he reminds me of a younger Troy Polamalu. Looks like he likes to knock the crap out of...
  6. Re: Serious question, can an ordinary person send a message to the staff about a pros

    You'd have to see this kid to believe how modest, unassuming and polite he is. VERY down to earth and doesn't have the big head and I don't believe his parents would allow that to ever happen.
  7. Serious question, can an ordinary person send a message to the staff about a prospect

    I live in Carrollton, GA now and there is a 13 year old here who is 6-3 (legit) and easily 260-270 lbs. He plays middle school football now (OT-DT) and is simply dominant. They line him up at NT-DT...
  8. Re: Visitors for the Southern Miss Game Weekend

    Stealing Terry Godwin would be a huge, huge pickup. I've watched video of him and he could be very good on either side of the ball. I think he could play earlier as a slot receiver, he'd probably...
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    Re: Keith Mixon-does he get a firm offer?

    Even coming out of HS, Mark had about 4 inches and 40 lbs on Mixon.
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    Re: Keith Mixon-does he get a firm offer?

    The thing I like about him is that in addition to being fast is that he plays a lot bigger than 175 lbs. Tough runner and not afraid to go across the middle or take a lick.
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    Re: Article: Defending the Read-Option

    I agree. There was a LOT of uncharacteristic sloppy tackling by Bama in that game. I think the combination of greater emphasis on cardio and being able to sustain the defense on the field for a LONG...
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    Keith Mixon-does he get a firm offer?

    Read on another site that it's really possible that he gets a firm, committable offer soon. I know Coach Saban isn't big on the "package deal" thing but I'm wondering if that helps Bama with Daron...
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    Re: Is This Board Broken?

    You'd think there's nothing going on but there is. Not sure if people are too busy to post or what. Isaiah Prince, 4 star OT is visiting this weekend. The Bama Scout site is reporting "a player has...
  14. Leo Lewis decommitted?

    Andrew Bone showing on Twitter that Leo Lewis has decommitted. Bummer, if true. Not sure if this violates Tidefans rules but Bone is not some goober who's guessing. He usually knows what he's talking...
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    Re: Incoming Players' Numbers Released

    Reuben Foster had already switched numbers this Spring. He's either #10 or #11.
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