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    Re: 2016 DL Recruiting

    Ryan Anderson and Tim Williams play DE the last time I checked. Williams may not be a typical every down DE, but the cupboard isn't exactly bare.
  2. Re: Fall Practice Updates (Practice reports, Interviews, and Scrimmage Notes)

    Any word on Tony Brown? He went from getting first team reps to not being mentioned lately. Is the shoulder injury holding him back? Or have Fitzpatrick and Humphrey simply passed him?
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    Question: Re: Josh Crawford RB at Edgewood Academy

    He's a very good AISA player. Not knocking the kid at all, but he isn't an SEC caliber player.
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    Re: It appears Luke Del Rio is leaving

    Phillip SIms couldn't win the job at Virginia. That should answer your question.
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    Re: Kevin Steele will be Louisville DC

    Suddes makes perfect sense.
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    Re: *** 2013 Fall Camp Thread ***

    Any early word on Jai Miller? Is he a legitimate possibility to help in the secondary this year?
  7. Re: Darius Paige and Johnathon Cook Qualify; Robert Foster Update (Page 15)

    And just when I'm ready to celebrate, I see that Bozeman is reporting. Does that mean bad news on Foster???
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    Re: CB Marlon Humphrey Updates

    I would be absolutely SHOCKED if he isn't a part of this class. Actually, I would be shocked if he isn't a silent commit already...
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    Re: Rabbit Rush Package

    Two words: Denzel Duvall.
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    Re: Second scrimmage stats

    [QUOTE=BigEasyTider;2144859] And then you add to that the fact that all three of those games are either at a neutral site or one the road, and that's a fairly scary thought. QUOTE]

    Ole Miss is at...
  11. Re: Four Bama football players arrested - was progress of Eddie Williams & B. Callowa

    The thought that Coach Saban is or should be "held accountable" for this, in any way, shape or form, is the most ridiculous statement I have ever read. Ever.
  12. Re: Four Bama football players arrested - was progress of Eddie Williams & B. Callowa

    Definitely not his best course of action.
  13. Re: Four Bama football players arrested - was progress of Eddie Williams & B. Callowa

    It's simply using a stolen credit card. Class C felony, 1-10 by statute. Sounds like they strong armed someone, took their card and were dumb enough to use it.
  14. Re: Class Act by Shariff Floyd After Announcing He's Leaving Florida for the NFL

    Oh ok, you can't be classy unless you're an Alabama player. I get it now.
  15. Re: Scarbinsky reporting that the SEC is not going to suspend Dial..

    In other breaking news, the sun came up this morning and the world didn't end on 12/21/12. It's unreal how blown out of proportion Dial's BLOCK was. Good grief I'm ready for Monday night.
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